With tropical condition, Singapore will not disappoint you. South Islands of Singapore will offer you sandy beach and palm tree landscape when you left the city 10 minutes ago. Yacht charter in Singapore is ideal for short period sailing trips, either day charters around the southern islands of Singapore (Batam, Bulan, Bitan and Kapalajernih) and the city skyline, or long weekends to Malaysia and Sumatra in Indonesia.

Lagoon Catamaran Lagoon 400
Lagoon 400
CatamaranoLagoon Catamaran
Jachtwerf Klaassen Sloop 33M
Barca a velaJachtwerf Klaassen Sloop 33M
Custom Ketch  47M
Ketch 47M
Barca a velaCustom Ketch 47M
Feadship Yacht 45M
Megan (ex Helix)
Barca a motoreFeadship Yacht 45M