E-colorato  Vaton Catamaran 25 Exterior 1
E-colorato Vaton Catamaran 25 Exterior 1

Catamaran rental
Vaton Catamaran 25 - E-colorato
Marseille (Provence)

Whether you want to relax or look stylish, our catamaran will meet your needs. Everyone is free to imagine anything they want on the beach, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and surrounded by a majestic setting.

This yacht has been carefully considered and designed specifically for onboard reception activities. It perfectly meets the needs of both businesses and individuals who want to host a high-quality reception in a luxurious setting: 300 m2 of reception space, top-of-the-line gastronormous equipment, and unbeatable stability: BIRTHDAY, SEMINAR, CONVENTION, WEDDING, ANNIVERSARY, BAR MITZVAH AND BAR MITZVAH OR ANY CELEBRATION

Whether you're feeling euphoric or apprehensive, agitated or relaxed, a cruise is a great way to unwind.In the comfort of our catamaran, the heart of the calanques is a unique experience. Absolute liberty at this time!

For professionals, the ambience of the sea and the navire allows for a near-instantaneous sense of team among the many characters. This sense of unpredictability much outweighs any activities that could be available on the ground. Liens are reestablished, individuals are revealed, and affinities are formed. The teamwork begins right away. What could be better than gathering his coworkers in a remote location and treating them to a few hours of relaxation as if they were at the end of the world?

This crewed catamaran is available for yacht charter with a base price of 3 000 € (approximatly 3 396 $).

Available in these destinations : Marseille

Length 25 m / 82'
Beam 12 m / 39'
Pax 115
Crew 4
Saloon : MP3
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Prices and special offers

15 Oct - 28 Feb 3 000 € per day
01 Mar - 20 May 4 200 € per day
21 May - 24 Sep 6 960 € per day
25 Sep - 14 Oct 4 200 € per day
lang('included') Included
End Cleaning
Not Included Not Included
Food & Drinks
credit cards
yacht pool

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