Tonga, Mapu'a Vaea - Yacht Charter

itineraire Tonga : 10 Days from Vava'u

Vava'u to Kapa Island

Orientation, briefing and checkout. Sail to Port Mourelle on Kapa Island.

From Kapa Island to Fale Vai

Swim along the north side of Ava Island then travel to Nuku and drop anchor off Fale Vai.

From Fale Vai to Hunga

Go from the Faihava Pass to Hunga, where the fishing is great (with your own equipment). Anchor in Hunga Lagoon.

From Hunga to Vaka'eitu

Enjoy a quick sail to Foeata for snorkeling. Travel to Vaka’eitu to spend the night.

Trip to Luahaipu

Go south for a day trip to Luaa Fuleheu or Luahaipu, both stunning and unoccupied. Then go back to Vaka’eitu and snorkel the reef.

From Vaka'eitu to Hinakawea

Travel to Euaiki and then on to Hinakawea Beach for a typical Polynesian feast and traditional Tongan dance.

From Hinakawea Beach to Kenutu

Sail to Maninita for lunch and snorkeling. After that, head north to Kenutu and anchor overnight.

From Kenutu to Taunga

Leave early for Fanua Tapu Pass. Drop the anchor on the north side of the island and snorkel the reefs of Tauta.

From Taunga to Olo'ua

Sail cautiously through the reefs to visit Mafana and Olo’ua.

From Olo'ua to Kapa Island

Travel around Taunga for snorkeling between Ngau and Pau. Sail for Nuapapa and Mariners Cave, then on to Swallows Cave.


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