Mediterranean Aegean Sea
Yacht Charter Aegean Sea - Turkey

itineraire8 days in the Gulf of Gokova from Bodrum

Jour 1 : Bodrum

After your arrival at Bodrum-Milas Airport (BJV), discover your boat in Bodrum. After a visit to the city, Turkish baths and archaeological museum, dine in one of the typical restaurants and taste the specialties like güvec.

Day 2 : Bodrum - Cokertme

Sail to Cokertme, visit this charming fishing village where craftsmanship occupies a great place in everyday life, dive into the crystal clear waters of the beautiful bays of the island and then taste the typical dishes made from fish.

Jour 3 : Cokertme - Karacasogut

While sailing towards Karacasogut, stop for a swim and walk to the natural harbor of Longoz. At Karacasogut, let yourself be charmed by this picturesque village, admire the impressive 25m waterfall, throw yourself into a beautiful natural spring and explore Karacain, a magnificent cave.

Day 4 : Marmaris - Sedir Island

Raise the anchor for Sedir Island. The latter being known as having sheltered the loves of the famous lovers Cleopatra and Antony, she is also nicknamed the island of Cleopatra. A true paradise surrounded by translucent waters, stroll along the beaches of rare sand, explore the seabed and visit this authentic island, the temple of Apollo and the ruins of ancient temples.

Day 5 : Sedir Island - Ballisu

While sailing, make a stop at one of the wonderful coves of the Aegean coast. Lunch and explore the underwater world then head to Ballisu. Dive into Ballisu Bay, also known as "Honeymoon", walk the beaches under the sunset rays and taste the delicacies in one of the restaurants.

Day 6 : Ballisu -Longoz Bay -Tuzla Bay

Go to Longoz Bay, another wonderful bay. Discover the natural harbor, stroll along the narrow streets and then sail towards Tuzla Bay, from where you can dive into beautiful turquoise waters to meet multicolored fish.

Days 7 & 8 : Tuzla Bay -Kara -Bodrum

Go to the Papuc bay, have lunch, indulge in water sports then join Bodrum. Visit the picturesque town, the castle of St. Peter and its museum, stroll along the peaceful beaches and taste the Turkish cuisine including stuffed eggplant. The next day, enjoy the first rays of the sun and disembark and visit the rest of the city.