Yacht Charter Aegean Sea - Turkey

itineraire 8 days from Marmaris

Day 1 : Marmaris (Kadirga)

After arriving at Rhodes International Airport (RHO) or Dalaman Airport (DLM), discover your boat at the port of Marmaris. Visit this charming coastal town, a former fishing village, discover its fortress dating from the seventeenth century, its museum, its magnificent views ... Otherwise, if the weather allows you, weigh anchor for Kadirga Bay.

Day 2 : Marmaris/Kadirga Bay - Semizce - Dalyan - Ekincik

In Kadirga Bay, dive to discover the underwater world then sail to Semizce Creek. After a swim in a paradise setting in translucent waters, go by boat through the winding canals of the Köyce-iz delta. Visit the ancient site of Caunos, the sulfur mud baths then join the Dalyan Delta and its sandy beaches, which prove to be one of the last breeding grounds of the Mediterranean turtle. In the evening, drop anchor at Ekincik and taste the traditional kebab.

Day 3 : Ekincik - Kuyrukbuku - Manastir - Bedri Rahmi

While sailing towards the Bay of Manastir, make a swimming break in Kuyruk Buku Cove. Stroll along the sandy beaches, indulge in snorkelling in translucent waters, sunbathe and drop anchor for the Bedri Rahmi Bay.

Day 4 : Bedri Rahmi - Fethiye

In Fethiye, visit the city and stroll along the harbor, discover the beautiful beaches that have earned it the nickname of "paradise of Turkish beaches", and let yourself be surprised by the spectacle of colors that they offer you and do not miss not to discover the caves of Saklikent, magnificent national park from where you observe an impressive canyon. Nearby, visit the village of Kakavov, its open-air museum and its typical houses. In the evening, immerse yourself in the local atmosphere and dine in a typical restaurant.

Day 5 : Fethiye - Oludeniz - Gemiler

Sail on "Oludeniz", commonly known as the Dead Sea, where it is forbidden to dock and then drop anchor in one of the charming surrounding coves to swim, dive and recharge. After lunch, join the island of Gemiler (Gemiler Adasi) and follow in the footsteps of the many ruins of the churches built between the IVth and the VIth century.

Day 6 : Gemiler - Göcek

Go to the bay of Gocek, visit this small fishing village, walk along the natural harbor, enjoy the panorama given by the wooded hills of the Taurus Mountains shared with the many surrounding islands, discover local crafts such as the sale of carpets and then enjoy one of the many specialties.

Days 7 & 8: Gocek - Domuz Adasi -Marmaris

Head to the island of Domuz, known for its crystal clear waters, and dive with a mask and snorkel then take the bar to join Marmaris, where you can discover new specialties such as güvec. The next day, return to the marina to return the boat.


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