Yacht Charter Aegean Sea - Turkey

itineraire 7 days from Marmaris to Gocek

Day 1 : Marmaris

After your arrival at Dalaman Airport (DLM), take your marks aboard your boat to Marmaris. Visit this Turkish Riviera city, its castle, stroll along its pebble beach, stroll along its promenade, discover local delicacies then immerse yourself in the nightlife on Bar Street and dance to the end of the night. at night in the outdoor discotheques.

Day 2 : Marmaris - Gerbeksi

Sail outside the city and join Gerbeksi. Dive with a mask and snorkel in this charming cove, take a sun bath then leave in the footsteps left by the Romans and explore the ruins.

Day 3 : Gerbeksi - Ekincek

Anchor down to Ekincek, a beautiful bay, and take a trip aboard a local boat and then go up the famous Dalyan River to mix history and nature. Test the benefits of mud baths and hot springs, discover the Lycian tombs and meet the turtles on Iztuzu Beach, a turtle sanctuary. Join your boat and discover the locations of "The African Queen" in 1992 and taste the Turkish specialties.

Day 4: Ekincek - Gemeler Island

On the island Gemeler, the island that would house the tomb of St. Nicholas, discover the ruins of several Byzantine churches, admire the scenery, snorkel and swim in translucent warm water and go to a restaurant to eat to the sound violinists.

Day 5 : Gemeler Island - Gocek

Take the helm for Gocek, a charming natural harbor, admire the magnificent panorama dominated by the Taurus mountains and the surrounding islands, enjoy the scenery away from the crowds, dive and swim in the surprising green and blue bays of Göcek, visit the authentic village and discover the authentic landscapes and its pine forests then taste the famous kumpir.

Day 6 : Gocek

Sail to Gocek and its sumptuous setting, characterized by its impressive mountains and dressed in pines. Stroll through the many local grocery stores and shops in search of local produce, relax in "Cleopatra's baths" and sip a cocktail in one of the jazz bars.


Enjoy this last awakening under the sun of Gocek then leave the boat at the marina and continue your stay.


Lagoon 42

From € 3 658 per week

Lagoon 40

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Hanse 575

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Lagoon 46

Sail for 10 days, pay for 7 days

Lucia 40

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From € 12 350 per week

Lagoon 450

From € 2 988 per week


From $ 25 650 per week
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