Mediterranean Sicily

itineraire7 days from Palermo

From Palermo to Cefalu

Visit Cefalu and take your time to relax on its charming beach. Enjoy the winding, narrow, medieval streets. Dine in its delightful restaurants overlooking the coast. Don't miss the cathedral, one of the greatest of southern Europe.

From Cefalu to Filicudi

Spend the day in Filicudi, the most ragged of the islands with its abrupt slopes, rocky coastlines and craters. The small village has a nice bar and restaurant.

From Filicudi to Salina

Enjoy Salina, with its blooming vegetation and varied species of plants. Take a look at the impressive volcano which contributes Salina to have the highest peak of any other island around.

From Salina to Panarea

Travel to Panarea and relax on this smallest, but astonishingly attractive island said to be the liveliest of the Aeolian Islands with its well-known nightclubs and bars.

From Panarea to Lipari

Visit Lipari, the oldest and biggest of the Aeolian Islands, and experience the historic site with its archaeology, art, castles and museums.

From Lipari to Alicudi

Spend the day at Alicudi, the most confined island of the Aeolians. It offers spectacular shores and an interesting subaquatic panorama. By the way, no cars are allowed on the island, only donkeys.

From Alicudi to Ustica, then back to Palermo

Set sail to Ustica, also known as the "Black Pearl" because of its colored volcanic rock forms. Be sure to see Azur Grotto, an almost submerged cavity with crystal waters and walls decorated by sponges of varied shapes and nice colours.

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