Mediterranean Dodecanese

itineraireDodecanese from Kos


Starting Kos, at the first night, you have the possibility to stop at Pserimos, a nice, small Greek island without any cars around and have dinner at a nice small tavern.


Leros nice, sandy beaches and crystal clear waters are expecting you at Porto-laki or at the main harbor of Leros. Ormos Alidas and Ormos Panteli are also known for the nice tavernas which serve good greek food.


Patmos, the northernmost of Dodecanese. The island is composed of three barren volcanic lumps and well known for its monasteries(St.John the Divine) and the trade of sponges. The perfect place to anchor is at the main harbor called Skala.


Lipso the small village attracts lots of tourists, especially those who like fishing and agricultural life. The smell of fresh fish is spread all over the air!


A much indented island lying six miles Ene of Ak Yeranoa on Patmos. About halfway along the west coast lie Port Augusta and Port Stretto, protected by a number of small off-lying islands.


Kalimnos the sister island of Leros and the home of Kalimniot sponge-divers. Originally the sponge divers fished in shallow waters, jumping overboard with a heavy stone slab and scooping the sponges off the bottom into a net. Sponges are of course for sale everywhere!


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