Yacht Charter Cyclades - Santorini, Poros,... - Greece

itineraire 7 days Athens and The Cyclades by Serifos

Day 1 : Athens

After your arrival at the Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos (ATS), reach your boat and meet the crew. In Athens, discover the richness of Greek civilization, visit the temple of Poseidon, the agora and admire the hill of muses under the sunset.

Day 2 : Athens - Loutra/Chora/Driopis (Kythnos)

Anchor for Kythnos, an island known for its healing waters including Loutra, a small village of hot springs. Visit Chora, the chief town and typical picturesque village of Cyclades and explore its churches, mills, wind farm or visit Driopis, a charming village with a relaxed atmosphere, walk its narrow streets and discover the museum of folklore.

Day 3 : Kythnos - Chora (Serifos)

Sail to Chora, the chief town of Serifos, a small rocky pearl. In Chora, diamond of the island that dominates the bay of Livadi, enjoy the panoramic view it offers, walk the streets of the capital and let yourself be charmed by its narrow streets cyclades, white houses with colorful shutters and bougainvillea. Stroll along one of the 77 beaches and coves and discover the numerous mines of the island, which are at the heart of the history of Serifos.

Day 4 : Serifos - Kastro (Sifnos)

Go to Sifnos, a surprisingly green island and visit Kastro, the ancient capital of the island. Take the vaulted passages and vestiges embedded in the buildings and then attest to the charm they give to the village. Otherwise, hike to the top of Mount Prophitis and enjoy an unparalleled view.

Day 5 : Sifnos - Loulis (Kea)

Join Kea, also called Tzia and known for its poets Simonides and Bacchlides and visit this island with a surprising character, standing out from the Cyclades by the architecture of its houses inherited from the Venetian era. In Loulis, the capital, discover the surprising dwellings, having kept on the cycladic side only the method of construction in amphitheater then explore the rest of the island, its many mills, chapels and monasteries and taste the specialties like Dolmadès in a many taverns.

Day 6 : Kea - Egina

Sail to Egina, island on which the inhabitants are mainly marine fishermen, builders and farmers. Discover the city by horse-drawn carriage, observe the neoclassical houses and visit the many buildings: the orphanage, the little white church of Agios Nikolas, the ruins of the ancient temple of Apollo.

Day 7 : Egina - Athens

Regrettably the last sailing day. An early arrival at the marina will allow you to visit Athens center, do some shopping, walk to Acropolis monuments and spend your evening dinning in one of the many restaurants.


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