Yacht Charter Provence, France

itineraire 7 day cruise itinerary around Hyères

Day 1 Hyères

A yacht charter around the French Riviera is a great way to explore Hyères and its surrounding areas. From quaint villages to sandy beaches, there are plenty of sights to see along a seven day itinerary. On the first day, you can enjoy a tour of historic old town Hyères with its grand architecture and mesmerizing views. You can sleep close to the port en enjoy the sunset with a drink.

Day 2 : Porquerolles

Afterward, you can set off to explore the island of Porquerolles. Take some time to relax on the yacht while sailing between them and admire the stunning seascapes as dolphins often follow in your wake. The south of Porquerolles is a steep coast dominated by cliffs where some creeks are hidden., to the north you will find fine sand and turquoise water.

Day 3 : Port Cros

In the morning you can rent kayaks, paddleboards, or jet skis to explore the shoreline and discover hidden coves. You can then set sail for Port Cros. Landscapes are wild and rocky. The Port Cros National Park is centered on the island. The port, located in a cove is surrounded by numerous fishermen's huts. Port Cros has some beaches sheltered by tamarisk and a grove of palm trees overhead. The extraordinary sea bed of Port Cros, though, is what truly makes it beautiful.

Day 4 : Island of Levant

Set sail once more for the island of Levant. On this island, genuineness and nature go hand in hand. You may find stunning fine sand beaches, rocky terrain, and wild, undeveloped waterways on the island of Levant. Take the time to explore the fort ashore. On the island, you can rent bicycles to make a tour of the island. You will find excellent moorings on this island thanks to of its extraordinary peace and beauty.

Day 5 : Le Lavendou

Continue your yacht charter by visiting the quaint fishing village of Lavendou. Stop for lunch in one of the many restaurants along the harbor and soak up views of colorful boats bobbing in the water as fishermen repair and cast off nets for their daily catch. You can't anchor just anywhere, so make sure you have a map of the area.

Day 6 : Peninsula of Giens

A peninsula between the sea and the sky, Giens is surrounded by hamlets and pine forests. Paradise-like beaches, islets, a port, and creeks with clear water may be found on this peninsula. a genuine delight for seafarers. We strongly advise anchoring and spending the night at the fort of Brégançon. The winds from the north and east will be kept at bay.

Day 7 : Saint Mandrier, Hyères

Visit the magnificent wetlands and the close-by beaches for a while before returning to Hyères with a lifetime of memories. Plan your journey in the French Riviera by renting a yacht right away!



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