itineraire 7 days Corsica and Sardinia passing by Porto Vecchio

Day 1 : Porto Vecchio - Saint Cyprien Bay

After your arrival at Figari-Sud-Corse (FSC) airport, reach your boat and go to the bay of St Cyprien. Enjoy the beach bordered by the pond of Arasu and dominated by a Genoese tower and many vestiges, the turquoise water, the white sand and the red rock then visit Lecci, an old place of pilgrimage.

Day 2 : Saint Cyprien Bay - Porto Novo Cove - Balestra Cove

Navigate to Porto Novo, hike through the bush and explore the trails or indulge in the practice of water activities (paddle, snorkelling ...) then go to the Balestra Cove. Wander the beaches, explore the wilderness and observe the underwater world in search of Culumbinu.

Day 3: Balestra Cove - Sperone Cove - Cavallo Island (Lavazzi Island)

Go to Sperone and enjoy the waters made turquoise by erosion of limestone and fine white sand on the beaches Grand Sperone and Petit Sperone, located in front of the island Piana then navigate to the island of Cavallo, the largest of islands of Lavezzi. Visit the island nicknamed "the island of billionaires", observe the luxury villas and second homes then walk along the harbor.

Day 4 : Cavallo Island - Lavezzi Islands - Bonifacio

Explore the 6 islands and islets that make up the Lavezzi Archipelago, some of which are more like big reefs. Discover the islands of the natural reserve of Bouches de Bonifacio, the multiple beaches and coves alternated with granite heaps then plunge in turquoise waters, among the clearest of Corsica. In Bonifacio, enter the ramparts of the city, walk the old town, visit the historical monuments and taste specialties such as miglicacci.

Day 5 : Bonifacio - Caprera Island (Maddalena archipelago: Sardinia)

Sail to Italy, 10 km south of Corsica. Enjoy rocky shores, deep bays, local produce and the warm hospitality of Sardinia. On the island of Caprera, visit the Casa Bianca, house where Garibaldi lived and currently a museum and observe the objects and relics of the former leader then taste the Sardinian specialties such as Malloreddus.

Day 6 : Sardinia - Santa Giulia - Anse de St Cyprien

Go to Santa Giulia Bay, stroll along its beach and natural pools, walk along the coast paddle and watch the underwater life before setting anchor for anchorage in the Bay St Cyprien sandwiched between large granite.

Day 7 : Anse de St Cyprien - Porto Vecchio

After a last awakening under the Corsican sun, return to the marina and return to the airport.


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