Mediterranean Corsica

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Visit the old town.

Ajaccio to Anse d'Aronne

Leave the Gulf of Ajaccio by the passage of the Sanguinaires. Lunch in the Anse de Lava. The Anse d'Aronne is a bay bordered by a magnificent beach of fine sand. It is by this bay that the submarine Casabianca supplied the resistance during the war.

Anse d'Aronne to Calvi

Wonderful sailing in sight of the red cliffs of the Scandola natural reserve. Evening in port below the "Citadelle aux toits roses" (Citadel with the pink roof). Visit the old town and its fortifications.

Calvi to St Florent via Desert des Agriates

Early departure for one of the bays in this famous desert. A mineral landscape sculptured by time. Choose one of the exceptional anchorages: Pointe Alciolo, Anse Malfalco, Fiume Santu. In case of a northwesterly wind, spend the night in Saint Florent.

St Florent to Calvi

Lunch in one of the untamed bays of the Agriates, then anchor in the Marina of Saint Ambrogio.

Calvi to Girolata

A long stretch of sailing off a coast with landscape that is perhaps the most impressive and beautiful on the Corsican west coast. Moor in the exceptional atmosphere of the bay of Girolata under the protection of the fortress.

Girolata to Ajaccio

Return in the direction of the Imperial City.

Windward Islands