Mediterranean Corsica

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Ajaccio to Roccapina

Leave early for an enjoyable day sailing. Roccapina is a good weather anchorage in one of the most lovely Corsican sites. Drop anchor either under the lion at the far end of the bay or along the north coast of the Gulf before arriving at Pointe Mortoli, a superb shelter off a fine sand beach.

Roccapina to Bonifacio

A long stretch off a coastline made up of a succession of creeks and rocky ridges. Pass by the "Moines" at sea. Spend the night in the port of Bonifacio at the back of a long creek hemmed in by two impressive cliffs. Spend the evening in the old town.

Bonifacio - Anse de Rondinara

Sailing in the celebrated Strait of Bonifacio. Lunch and swimming off the island of Cavallo. Moor for the night in the Anse de Rondinara, the most beautiful in all of Corsica. In case of overcrowding, choose the "Golfe de Porto Novo", farther north.

Rondinara to the Lavezzi Islands via Porto Vechio

If necessary, stock up at Porto Vecchio and then navigate toward the Lavezzi Islands. Drop anchor at Cala Lazarina known since the sinking of the Semillante. A unique landscape made of a chaos of granite.

Lavezzi to Campo Moro

Lunch in the port of Tizzano (lobster). Campo Moro is a great anchorage in the Gulf of Valinco. Moor to the west of the bay, near the tower. In the case of "Mistral" choose the anchorage of Porto Pollo to the north of the Gulf, near to the celebrated archeological site of Filotosa. Accessible by taxi.

Campo Moro to Ajaccio

Lunch/anchorage at the foot of Cape Muro in the Anse of Cacao in the middle of nature, surrounded by Cormorants. Return to the Imperial City.


Disembarking day...Visit Napoleon Bonaparte's house in Ajaccio

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