Yacht Charter Corsica - The Isle Of Beauty

itineraire 8 days Corsica and Sardinia by Macinaggio

Day 1 : Macinaggio

After arriving at Bastia Poretta Airport (BIA), reach your boat in Macinaggio and visit this charming marina whose authenticity is guarded by the wild nature and lush vegetation that surrounds it. Admire the windmills, its picturesque city center, be surprised by the beautiful scenery and enjoy the sunset on a romantic stroll along the beaches and coves.

Day 2 : Macinaggio - Capraia

Join Capraia, the wildest and only volcanic island in the Tuscan Archipelago. Follow in the footsteps of this geological paradise, through steep hillsides, impressive rocks or hiking to the mountains such as Mount Castello. Otherwise, visit the village located under the shelter of the Fort of San Giorgio then explore the seabed to meet the gull Audouin, symbol of the national park of the archipelago.

Day 3 : Capraia - Portoferraio (Elba Island)

In Portoferraio, the capital of the island of Elba, discover its historic center, the Palazzina dei Mulini then hike to Fort Falcone to reach a breathtaking view of the medicinal arsenal and the sea. By joining the sea, watch the Vigilanti , a theater created by Napoleon, the Medicean ramparts then flank along the beach of Sansone, beach made famous by the advertising of the water of Elba.

Day 4 : Portoferraio - Biodola Bay - Procchio Bay - Marciana

Go east of the island to one of the most beautiful and famous gulfs of Elba, that of Biodola. Let yourself be charmed by the unique shape of the beach, amphitheater, and its exceptional beauty due to its sandy beaches, lush vegetation and turquoise water. In Procchio Bay, stroll along the Cervinia beach, recognized as one of the cleanest in the country, visit the site of the same name, former center of melting copper and iron and then drop anchor at the marina of Marciana.

Day 5 : Marciana - Cavoli

Anchor for one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, Fetovaia. Located in the heart of a mosaic of natural scenery, the beach will surprise you with its granite cliffs, its fine golden sand and will take you in a Caribbean-style atmosphere with its turquoise and translucent waters. After a few dive big granitic rocks, leave to anchor at the Marina di Campo, visit its historic center and taste the specialties of Elba as the gurguglione.

Day 6 : Capoliveri - Cavo

In Capoliveri, a charming medieval village, stroll along narrow arcade alleys, artisan shops, discover local products at the market and breathe in the Mediterranean flavors of the many typical restaurants. Sail to Cavo and visit this seaside resort, the Tonietti Mausoleum and admire the ruins of a Roman villa along its beach, in Capo Castello.

Day 7 : Capoliveri - Macinaggio

When you return to Corsica, admire this postcard look, snorkel in one of the coves of Macinaggio Bay, then drop anchor at Tamarone Harbor and admire this pristine nature.

Day 8 : Macinaggio

After returning to the marina of Macinaggio, disembark and return to the airport or continue your journey on the lands of Corsica.


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