Mediterranean Corsica

itineraire7 days from Ajaccio

Ajaccio Gulf

Visit the old town before leaving for a peaceful sail to the Gulf. Drop anchor for the night in anse de Santa Barbara, or hidden in the east of Portigliolo Bay.

Anse de Ficajola

Leave the Ajaccio Gulf. Following the coast, discover Capu di Feno, the Lava Gulf, the large Sagone Gulf then anse d'Arone. The passage along Cap Rosso is amazing : the Genoese tower, overhanging the sea, rises over 340 meters high. By the end of the day, at sunset, discover the Porto Gulf and then drop anchor for the night in anse de Ficajola


Sail towards the natural reserve of Scandola before reaching the Elbo Bay, with its cliffs and surrounding mountains. Then head to Galeria bay.


Though it's not that far, it's important to arrive early enough as the places are pretty rare in the harbour. Visit the island before spending the night in the port. Before leaving, don't forget to visit the citadel and its fortifications.


No one can ever get tired of the wild coast of the Scandola nature reserve.


Cargese offers a nice and picturesque scenery. One of the most beautiful and impressive of the western coast.

Back to Ajaccio

Back to the imperial city, traveling through the Islands "Sanguinaires". After lunch, let yourself carry on by the breeze towards the end of the gulf.

Windward Islands