Mediterranean Dalmatia

itineraire7 days from Trogir

From Agana to Maslinica

Following the chart briefing, leave Agana and set sail to Maslinica. You can either halt in the town harbour or drop anchor in Sesula Bay next to the village.

From Maslinica to Vis

Head for Stonica Bay on the eastern coast of the island. Halt at Vis Town harbour.

From Vis to Komiza

If the weather conditions are nice, spend the day at Komiza, a small fishermen's town. Go to Tiha cove, where you can stay at anchor until early afternoon. Don't forget that the number of berths is limited !

From Kamiza to St. Klement

Depending on the weather conditions and your own envy, choose a day stop. Don't miss Bisevo island and its well-known Blue Cave on the east coast, Budikovac islet or Zaglav. Otherwise head to Vinogradice cove on St. Klement Island, then to Palmizana.

From St. Klement to Svar

If you spent the night in Hvar, plan to go to Milna. Otherwise sail to Vrboska. Around cape Pelegrin, you can relax in Parja cove, or go directly to Vrukova cove, a charming spot for anchoring. A bit further is Vrboska, a village situated at the end of a long, exiguous cove. ACI marina is on the outer part of the cove.

From Hvar to Milna

After a night in Vrboska, travel to Brac. Cross the Hvar channel and anchor at Blaca for lunch. In the afternoon, head to Milna

Make your final stopover either at Necujam or Stomorska. Don't forget to be back at our base in Agana at 5 p.m.

Windward Islands