Mediterranean Dalmatia

itineraire7 days from Dubrovnik

From Podskolj to Okuklje

Sail up to the point east of Mljet, a lovely wooded island which dates back to the time of the Odysseus. Cruise to Saplunara where you can sleep overnight, or sail another 4-5 miles to Okuklje, which has a well protected harbour and a small village with restaurants and shops.

From Okuklje to Pomena

Keep on sailing north to Sobra Bay. Halt and swim in the warm and blue adriactic, then head to Pomena, the main tourist resort on the island. Anchor off on Pomestak islet and visit the magical lakes of Mljet, designated as a national park.

From Pomena to Korcula

Head to the eastern point of Korcula. Take a swim in Przina cove, located on the west from the Raznic Promontory and enjoy the beach surrounded by vineyards. Korcula - a.k.a “Little Dubrovnik” - is considered as one of the most well protected medieval towns in the world as well as the birthplace of Marco Polo. The locals are known as skilled stonemasons, shipbuilders and sailors.

From Korcula to Polace

Get back to Mljet and anchor on the west coast of the island for a morning halt. Then, after lunch, go to Polace Bay. On the south of Lenga Promontory, you will find a nice anchorage, perfect for an afternoon. Take your time to go in city in order to enjoy the numerous shops, restaurants and bars.

From Polace to Sipan

Sipan - a.k.a “The Golden Island” - has many nice anchorages. Enjoy a morning sail along the Peljesac peninsula to Prapratno. Stop for lunch in the cove and take a swim. In the afternoon travel to Sipanaska Luka, a peaceful village, and main harbour of the island.

From Sipan to Dubrovnik

Before going back to Dubrovnik, stop at Sunj on the east side of Lopud Island and fancy a peaceful and sheltered beach. At last, finish with a relaxed sail back to our base at the ACI marina.

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