Yacht Charter Praslin - Seychelles

itineraire 8 days of Praslin in northwest winds (November to April)

Day 1 : Praslin - Laraie Bay (Curieuse)

After your arrival at Praslin Airport (PRI), discover your boat and depart to Laraie Bay to Curieuse Island, part of which belongs to the Marine National Park.

Day 2 : Curieuse island - Ilet St Pierre - Anse Lazio

Sail to Ilet Saint Pierre, a cluster of round rocks with massive palm trees rocked by the wind. A typical Seychelles landscape, photographed and published in many tourism magazines, L'ilet is the ideal place for snorkeling to explore the underwater world. Anchor at Anse Lazio for the night, Praslin's most comfortable anchorage.

Day 3 : Anse Lazio - Victoria (Mahé)

In Victoria, take part in the Selwyn Clarke local market, stroll through the botanical garden and see the iconic Clock Tower. Immerse yourself in the culture by sampling seafood specialties, spices and tropical fruits. The lucky ones will attend a moutia, a dance with traditional music conducted by the drums.

Day 4 : Victoria - Sainte Anne National Park -Cerf Island - Anse Royale (Mahé)Royale (Mahé)

Take a trip to St. Anne National Park to explore the underwater fauna and flora of one of the oldest dive sites in the Indian Ocean and watch dolphins play in the distance. Sail to Ile au Cerf, snorkel and have lunch in one of the small restaurants shaded by palm trees on the shores of Ile au Cerf. Join Mahé for a night anchorage at Anse Royale.

Day 5 : Anse Royale - La Digue

Anchor at Petite or Grande Anse and visit La Digue, a splendid island where tourists are never overcrowded. With winding paths, palm-roofed houses, small copra plants, fine white sand beaches and large polished rocks, this island is known as the most beautiful of Seychelles.

Jour 6 : La Digue - Cocos islands - Big Sister

Cast anchor at the buoys located south of Cocos Island, a beautiful island of colours and shapes, made of large rocks on which the sea has carved odd regular stripes. The Ocher color of the rocks contrasts with the brilliant green palms of the coconut palms and the white sand of the beaches bordered by turquoise water. The underwater landscapes are very attractive with their wide range of corals where multicolored fish swim in front of dark caverns. Sail to La Grand sœur (Big Sister) to anchor on the West Coast.

Grande Soeur to Bay Ste Anne (Praslin)

From Sainte Anne Bay, take a taxi to the Vallée de Mai, considered a copy and paste of the Garden of Eden. Be amazed by this original UNESCO World Heritage haven and discover the famous sea cucumbers, meet endemic species like the black parrot ... then in the evening, join your boat to have dinner under a magnificant starlit sky Finish your beautiful cruise by joining the marina, disembark and then return to the airport.


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