3rd Largest Lagoon In The World - Coral Reef, Mayotte

itineraire 8 days in the Comoros archipelago

Day 1 : Dzaoudzi - Pass in S - Bandrele

After your arrival at the Dzaoudzi-Pamandz International Airport (DZA), get on board your boat and weigh anchor for the must-dive spots in Mayotte, La Passe en S. Offering a unique experience with its winding shape, its 4 kilometers of reefs and the richness of its seabed. On Bandrélé island, stroll along this charming beach, explore the surroundings by canoe and then enjoy this exotic air, feet in the water at O'lolo snack bar.

Day 2 : Bandrele - white sand island - Saziley Marine Park

Navigate to the M'Tsanga Tsoholé islet, walk the paradisiacal stretches of sand, but be careful not to scare away the many seabirds that have taken up residence. After a short crossing, explore the Saziley Marine Park, where 80 protected species meet, some of which, like the Dugongs, are very rare.

Day 3 : Saziley Beach - Islet m'Bouini - N'Gouja

On Saziley Beach, one of the most idyllic beaches on the island, enjoy the coastlines lined with "Baobabs' and visit the village to meet the local fishermen to stock up on fresh fish. Let yourself be charmed by the egg laying of turtles & join the island Bouini. Admire in the distance Mount Choungui, dive to the discovery of the 'Coral Potatoes', a place of life of many fish then leave for N'Gouja.

Day 4 : N'Gouja - Mzouazia (Boueni Bay)

Jewel mahorais, N'Gouja beach offers a magnificent panel of discoveries with its turtles who live peacefully a few meters from the edge, its baobabs and surrounding villages of Kani-Kéli and Kani-Bé that you can visit. Explore the surroundings to meet the small lemurs and resume navigation passing the Bwe Foro, the "pierced rock". In the bay of Boueni, anchor in Mzouazia, discover the magnificent mangrove, home for the many species of birds including the Great Egret and dive into one of the most beautiful bays of Mayotte.

Day 5 : Mzouazia - Soulou Waterfall - Handrema Point

Join the waterfall of Soulou, and let yourself be amazed by this cascade of fresh water flowing directly on the beach or the sea, depending on the tide. Take a bath at the foot of the pool and rinse off in the natural shower located next to it and then go to anchor towards Handrema Point.

Day 6 : Handrema Point - M'tsamboro Island - Handrema

Off the coast, discover the island of Mtsamboro and its surprisingly unspoiled surroundings, stroll along its hidden white sand beach, dive into its rich underwater world, explore the numerous gardens of Mahoran culture and then walk along the narrow streets of the village and taste specialties in one of the typical restaurants.

Day 7 : Handrema – Dzaoudzi

Discover the often deserted bay of Handréma, its postcard background with its turquoise waters and palm trees, observe the turtles then join Dzaoudzi by 'borrowing' once again, a lagoon among the most beautiful in the world.

Day 8 : Dzaoudzi

Wake up early to admire the sunrise then return the boat and take the road to the airport.


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