Yacht Charter Madives - Indian Ocean

itineraire 11 days from Hulhumale

Day 1: Hulhumalé (North Male Atoll) - Kuda Bandos (Sandbank)

After arriving at Malé International Airport (MLE), reach your boat at Hulhumalé, embark and then drop anchor at Kuda Bandos, an island-hotel. Formed by a sandbank, Bandos offers you a wonderful dive experience in its spectacular lagoons, then drop anchor for the night.

Day 2: Kuda Bandos - Kuda Wataru - Boduhithi Finolhu - Goidhoo Atoll

In Kuda Wataru, snorkeling will compete with idleness and water sports as the setting is heavenly and the ideal spot for these practices. Sail to Boduhithi Finolhu for an assured take-off in these beautiful coastal landscapes, dive, discover the 'buildings on stilts' and then go for a night sail to Goidhoo atoll.

Day 3: Shahjahan Sand Bank (Goidhoo Atoll) - Innafushi

Leave a paradise to join another. In Shahjahan, explore this natural aquarium with mask and snorkel, to discover the richness of the floral and faunal then take the helm for Innafushi, a desert island. Enjoy having this island for you and you alone, to have an exceptional picnic in front of the beautiful lagoons, swim and dive into the crystal waters and enjoy this most enjoyable exotic places on the planet.

Day 4 : Innafushi - Muthaafushi (Baa Atoll)

Set sail for Muthaafushi, explore this equally deserted island, the miles and treasures of an unspoilt place, dive and stroll along the beaches with white sand like talcum powder and sip a cocktail at sunset.

Day 5: Muthaafushi - Maarikilu (Baa Atoll) - Meedhoo

A Wonderful lagoon filled with a rich underwater life, Maarikilu offers to you a magnificent diving spot, followed by beautiful walks to discover abundant tropical vegetation. Afterwards, head to Meedhoo. Let yourself be charmed by discovering the contrast of this modern village with the rest of the Maldives and go looking for a typical restaurant to dine freshly caught fish specialties.

Day 6: Meedhoo - Faru Kotte - Rasmaadhoo Island (Raa Atoll)

At Kotte Faru, dive into the beautiful natural aquarium and experience a moment of sharing with the underwater species. After an emotional experience, join Rasmadoo. Visit this picturesque village to meet locals to listen to their lives and to immerse yourself in Maldivian culture.

Day 7: Rasmaadhoo Island - Dhoragail - Fenfushi Island (Raa Atoll)

Sail to the island of Dhoragail, paddle along the coast by kayak on the translucent waters, relax, and finish with a snorkel then join the island of Fenfushi. Diving enthusiasts will be delighted to discover the richness of underwater flora and fauna, then anchor in front of the island.

Day 8 : Fenfushi Island - Funadhoo - Unoodhoo - Royal Island (Baa Atoll)

In Funadhoo, explore this tropical island, discover once again the luxuriant underwater world then join Unoodhoo and stay subjugated in front of the indescribable beauty of this island. After a discovery of the surroundings and a privileged sharing with the inhabitants, leave to anchor on Royal Island.

Day 9: Royal Island - Eydhafushi (Baa Atoll) - North Male Atoll

Explore the very small island of Hulhudoo, characterized by the abundance of tropical plants, then stock up on local produce and souvenirs while visiting the village of Eyshafushi. In the evening, cross over to North Male Atoll.

Day 10 : Eriyadhu (North Male Atoll)

Stroll along the beach of the Resort of the island, enjoy the last dives and aquatic discoveries in this paradise. Breathe in the Maldivian air then resume navigation towards Hulhumale.

Day 11 : Hulhumale

After this last Maldivian breakfast, return to the airport road or extend your stay by visiting Male.


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