Indian Ocean Nosy Be
Nosy Be

itineraireOne week cruise in the Mitsio

Nosy Bé - Nosy Tanikely

Discovery of the boat and her amenities. Now you are ready to sail to Nosy Tanikely while aboard the diner is waiting for you. Night aboard.

Nosy Komba - Grande Mitsio

Today you discover Nosy Komba island, the kingdom of the friendly lemurs. In fishermen village of Ampangorina ,in the north of the island, the typical embroidered cotton fabrics of Madagascar are on sale for the highest pleasure of the addicts. Let's cast off to La Grande Mitsio. It is the biggest island of the archipelago and it is the only one which is inhabited. The island offers wonderful beaches and the surrounding seabed is exceptional. Mooring in Maribé.

Nosy Ankaréa - Nosy Lava

Departure to Nosy Ankarea with its fabulous bay where the beauties of the seabed are displayed for the admiration of the divers. Now we follow our route to Nosy Lava. This small island is situated 2 hours North from Ankaréa. A sandbank binds this island to a rocky islet. Diner and night aboard.

Nosy Lava - Baie d'Ampamanty

Departure for "La Grande Terre". Our destination is the large Ampamanty bay ,where we will take the zodiac to get into the mangrove and discover its specific fauna. The dinner is served aboard and we anchor for the night.

Ampamanty Bay - Grande Mitsio

Heading towards La Grande Mitsio where we will find again the so pleasant mooring of Maribé bay. Today the various nautical activities will be in the place of honour for a day of farniente in the bay.


We will follow our navigation to to Tsarabajina. On our way, we won't pass without admiring "Les Quatre Frères", these islets are the place of laying for hundreds of birds. The wealth of their submarine life and the rock face going down up to 20 meters attract divers of the whole word. Then Tsarabajina is looming up on the horizon. This small mountainous island with its tropical spell is well known for its white sand beaches and its volcanic cone covered by a luxurious vegetation. After enjoying the pleasures of this island we leave to pass the night near Nosy Bé.

Nosy Bé

Return to Nosy Bé after breakfast to land in Hell-Ville where your cruise comes to an end. Before the transfer to your return flight, a city tour and a stop at the market will be the opportunity for you to buy some souvenirs and spices…

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