Saint Vincent Et Les Grenadines - Caraïbes

itineraire 8 days to the Grenadines from Saint Vincent

Day 1 : Saint-Vincent

After arriving at the Joshua Airport (SVD), you will find your boat at the Blue Lagoon marina and raise anchor to Ilet Duvernet, where several period cannons are perfectly restored on a platform in plain sight. magnificent.

Day 2 : Ilet Duvernet - Bequia

Bequia, pronounced "Békoué", is the largest rock of the Grenadines, and an ideal port of attachment, far from mass tourism. Dive with a mask and snorkel to meet the many turtles that live there, then participate in the indoor market, where the rastas are the animation.

Day 3 : Bequia - Ile Moustique

On the island Moustique, a small paradise very private, explore the island in "pick-up", let yourself be charmed by the original architecture of the villas and palaces of billionaires settled on the island, go sip a cocktail in the Cotton House, the only hotel on the island, then dine at the famous "Bazil bar", as do many celebrities.

Day 4 : Mustique - Tobago Cays

Sail to the Tobago Cays, an enchantment of six uninhabited islets. Discover the most beautiful Caribbean coral reef, meet many species of fish, then enjoy the postcard tunes given by the landscape: sandy beach, turquoise and translucent water, giant shells ...

Day 5 : Tobago Cays - Mayreau - Chatam Bay (Union Island)

Go to Mayreau and lunch in front of a very long beach, dive to discover the wreck of 6 meters then reach the top of the hill to visit the only village of the island and enjoy freshly caught crayfish. At Union Island, the most southerly island of the Grenadines, dive into the reef of Round About or Clipper's point, then enjoy the deserted beaches for idleness.

Day 6 : Chatam Bay - Canouan

Head to Canouan, a small island in the Grenadines, visit the bay of Carenage, then Mysore, walk the trails of Mount Royal Park and admire the sumptuous villas then sip a cocktail in the charming bar located away from the bougainvillea.

Days 7 & 8: Canouan - Saint Vincent

Day 7: Enjoy this navigation to Saint Vincent to observe in the distance the authenticity of Bequia and enjoy the wind of the sea of ​​the Caribbean. At Saint Vincent, drop anchor at the Blue Lagoon marina, dine in one of the many restaurants and taste the inevitable "curried goat". Day 8: After a last awakening under the Vincentais sun, disembark and join the airport.


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