Saint Vincent Et Les Grenadines - Caraïbes

itineraire 10 days from Saint Vincent to Grenada

Day 1 : Saint Vincent - Ilet Duvernet

Land at Joshua Airport (SVD), embark onboard your boat at the Blue Lagoon marina, go to Ilet Duvernet and discover the many ancient guns that sit there.

Day 2 : Ilet Duvernet - Bequia

Leave for Bequia, or "Békoué", to discover an island with unusual faces. Explore the island and let the mosaic of landscapes take your breathaway: tropical forests, sandy beaches or green meadows ... Meet some of the 5,000 inhabitants, discover the hundreds of luxurious villas and dive into the Admiralty Bay , the most beautiful beach on the island.

Day 3 : Bequia - Mustique island

Sail to the mosquito island (not to be put off by the name), the most exclusive island in the Caribbean. Discover the surroundings on horseback, and be surprised by the many luxury residences owned by international stars like Tomy Hilfiger. Culinary side, do not miss to taste the "callaloo soup".

Day 4 : Mustique island - Tobago Cays

Tobago Cays are internationally renowned for the beauty and idyllic landscapes. Immerse yourself in this national park of wild life, where live groupers, surgeons and fish-chests, idleness in a picture postcard, then explore the island, in the footsteps left of the shooting of Pirate of the Caribbean on Small Tobacco.

Day 5 : Tobago Cays - Mayreau - Chatam Bay (Union Island)

At Mayreau, drop anchor at Salt Wisthle Bay or Saline Bay, visit the unique hilltop village and be amazed by the majestic Tobago Cays panorama. Take the helm for Union Island, explore the island and its lush nature on guided hikes, then wet in Chatam Bay.

Day 6 : Chatam Bay - Morpion - Petit Saint-Vincent

Sail to Morpion, an island of sand, enjoy a fabulous snorkeling sharing with the underwater wildlife and then wet at Petit Saint-Vincent, a charming little island-hotel.

Day 7 : Petit Saint-Vincent - Union

On the way to Union Island, stop for lunch on Palm Island, a lovely little coral island with white and pink sand. At Union Island, you can drop anchor at Clifton Bay to watch the surprising spectacle of planes landing and taking off.

Day 8 : Union - Hillsboroug & Sandy Island (Carriacou)

Navigate to Carriacou, and wet in Hillsborough to complete the clearance formalities. Visit the village, take a taxi to go around the island and reach an unobstructed view of the Grenadines and then drop anchor Sandy Island, a charming little island where snorkeling is fabulous.

Day 9 : Carriacou - Ronde Island - Saint-Georges (Grenada)

Head towards the port of Saint-Georges, stroll through the streets of the city, and discover St. George's Cathedral, the York House, the National Museum of Grenada or Fort Frederick and dine in one of the local restaurants.

Day 10 : Saint-Georges - Hartman Bay (Grenada)

Join Hartman Bay, south of Granada, not far from Point Salines airport (GND), then disembark.


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