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itineraire7 days from Pointe-à-Pitre


Arrival at the Raizet airport then spend the night in the marina of Pointe-à-Pitre.

The Saints

The archipel of the Saintes consists in numerous islands and islets of which two only are habited, Terre de Bas and Terre de Haut. The scattered coasts with narrow reliefs bring along a peaceful unforgettable charm to this little universe. Take your time to rejoice and drop your anchor in the third most beautiful bay in the world.

La Dominique

The highest mountains in the area are located in La Dominique. La Morne Diablotin is the the highest with its peak rising up to 4750 feets. The package includes : a visit of the indian river, a BBQ on the beach, a day-trip into the indian reserve, the waterfalls of Trafalgar, trek in the mountain and the visit of the capital, Roseau.


Some call Marie-Galante "la Grande Galette" (aka the Big Pancake) because of its rounded shape. The north coast, in front of Grande-Terre, is characterized by its high cliff. On the west coast, close to Basse-Terre, drop your anchor next to a fine sandy beach.

Petite Terre

The islets of Petite Terre represent a remarkable ecological system with both marine and terrestrial habitats. This natural space is a major stake as regards to the conservation of habits and biodiversity in the Guadeloupean archipel. It's also a place where some turtle species lay their eggs.


The Gosier islet is only a hundred meters far of the city of the same name which refers to the pelicans who used to hunt in the area. Since 2003, the islet is protected by the Conservatory of coastal areas to ensure its preservation. Though unhabited, there's still a lighthouse established on the south of the islet.

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