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Yacht Charter Cuba - Caribbean

itineraire8 days in Canarreos Archipelago

Day 1 : Cienfuegos

After arriving at Aeropuerto Jaime González (CFG), reach your boat at the marina, then wander the streets of the city, its historic center and let yourself be charmed by Cuban architecture. Evening: Dinner in stylish historical ‘Club Cienfuegos’ within walking distance of marina (optional). Depart yacht berth for night cruise through the Caribbean tropical waters to Cayo Largo

Day 2 : Cienfuegos - Cayo Largo del Sur

Raise anchor in the direction of Cayo Largo and get wet in the multiservice marina. Discover the history of the island, the supposed passage of pirates and Christopher Columbus, then dive into one of the 30 spots of the island, to meet dolphins, starfish or tropical fish.

Day 3 : Cayo Largo - Cayo Macho - Canal del Rosario

In Cayo Macho, nicknamed Cayo Iguana, arrived early to avoid the flow of tourists and meet the hundreds of iguanas living in freedom. Stroll along the heavenly beaches, indulge in water sports and watch seashells of impressive sizes then sail to the Canal del Rosario, perfectly protected from the wind.

Day 4 : Canal del Rosario - Phare de Diego Pérez

Go to Cayo Cantiles, where you can visit the biological reserve of many wild species, then join the lighthouse of Diégo Pérez, visit the island and be surprised by the magnificent panorama.

Day 5 : Phare de Diego Pérez - Cayos Sal ou Guano del Este

Join Cayo Ernesto Thaelmann, visit the island and the 1930 memorial of the German leader who gave his name to the island. Dive into the many corals, explore the island, where the only inhabitants are animals, meet some, then go to Cayo Guano del Este or Cayo Sal depending on the wind.

Day 6 : Cayo Guano del Este - Guajimico

Leaving for Guajimico, sail on seas full of fish, make a dive stop, then explore this small holiday village, observe the cabins, admire the mountain scenery and taste local fish specialties.

Days 7 & 8: Guajimico - Cienfuegos

Day 7: Sail to the caves for a walking tour, then join Cenfuegos. Aboard a bus, visit the Dolphinarium, and attend various impressive shows then dine at the Cienfuegos club, in a historic setting. Day 8: After a last swim in Cuban waters, disembark and join the airport.