Yacht Charter Cienfuegos - Cuba

itineraire 15 days in the archipelago of Canarreos and the island of youth

Day 1 : Cienfuegos

Visit the city, its historic center, its Punta Gorda residential area and its tobacco factory. Choose a Cuban restaurant in the historic center to taste the specialties like Cochinito then discover your boat at the marina.

Day 2 : Cienfuegos - Cayo Largo del Sur

In Cayo Largo, the marina offers all the necessary services. Immerse yourself in coral reefs or visit, from 10am to 4pm, Centro de Rescate de Tortugas Marinas, a sea turtle breeding center. Borrow a bike to visit the island, its village "El Pueblito" or reach the island. pond near the gardens of the tower to meet the two crocodiles. Overnight at the marina or anchor near the famous Playa Sirena beach well protected to the North East and South.

Day 3 : Cayo Largo - Canal del Rosario

Sail to Cayo Iguana for anchorage on a narrow mangrove channel, where you will have the opportunity to feed the iguanas. Come early to avoid invasion of the site by hotel tourists. Take the bar for the west with a stop to Playa Rosario, the beach of coconut palms. Ideal for an underwater getaway and join the Canal del Rosario, for a mooring in the shelter of the wind.

Day 4 : Canal del Rosario - Cayo Cantiles - Cayo Matías

In Cayo Cantiles, visit the nature reserve protected by the CITMA -Ciencia, Tecnología y Medio Ambiente and admire many wild species including monkeys. Resume the navigation towards Cayo Matías, place of lobsters and fish farms, which you can taste. If you choose to dive, do not miss the wreck near Cabezo del Sambo.

Day 5 : Cayo Matías - Punta Francés (île de la jeunesse)

Walk along the beautiful south coast of the island of youth and admire the mountainous and wooded expanse of geological formations where the highest lighthouse of Cuba, Carapachibei, rises. Wet Punta Francés and visit the island, formerly called 'Isla de Pinos'. You can dive in the coral reef of one of the largest diving areas in the world.

Day 6 : Punta Francés - Ensenada de los Barcos

Take guided explorations into the National Park to observe flora and fauna and then drop anchor to Los Barcos, a large protected bay for deep-sea exploration in search of the brown grouper.

Day 7 : Ensenada de los Barcos - port de Nueva Gerona (Island of youth)

Join Nueva Gerona, visit this typical small town, walk along Real Street and observe traditional houses made of tiles and columns. Visit the Natural History Museum, stroll through the Central El Pinera Park or take guided tours organized by Rumbos and Transtur Travel. Spend the night in the commercial port of Nueva Gerona (without services). You can go shopping in the city, fill up on diesel at the Cupet petrol station.

Day 8 : Island of youth

You have the day to explore the island, its museums, parks and admire prehistoric paintings during cave visits. Stroll along the beaches, explore the seabed with snorkeling, but do not miss crocodile farming.

Day 9 : Nueva Gerona - Cayo Flamenco

In Flamenco, visit the fishing centers and explore the island to meet the flamingos.

Day 10 : Diego Pérez Lighthouse

Go to the lighthouse of Diego Perez where you will anchor, explore the island and enjoy a breathtaking view.

Jour 11 : Diego Pérez Lighthouse - Cayo Ernesto Thaelmann - Cayo Guano

Join Cayo Ernesto Thaelmann, visit the island and the memorial of the German Communist leader of 1930, who gave his name to the island. Stroll along the beaches, admire the natural beauty of this uninhabited island and be attentive to the rare iguanas and birds that you will encounter. Resume the navigation to anchor in Cayo Guano del Este. Sailing on to Cayos de Dios, Sal or Guano del Este. Snorkelling/diving at coral reef with wide variety of fish and shellfish. Breeding area of „Bobo“ and other birds. Anchoring for the night near Guano del Este lighthouse. Formerly, the lighthouse could be visited; we expect such permission again in the near future.

Day 12 : Cayo Guano del Este

The coral reef will delight diving enthusiasts, explore the seabed in search of the angel of the Caribbean. As the anchorage is protected from the east, if necessary, go to Cayo Sal for protection from the southeast and east.

Day 13 : Cayo Guano del Este - Guajimico

Head east on fishy seas. In Guajimico, take a stroll in the creek, the small village, discover the atypical houses and admire the mountain scenery.

Days 14 & 15: Guajimico - Cienfuegos

Day 14 : Opt for a walk to the caves before reaching Cienfuegos. Back on the main island, take a bus and go to the Dolphinarium to watch a dolphin and sea lion show and maybe have the opportunity to swim with it. Day 15: Après un dernier réveil à votre bateau sur les eaux cubaines, débarquez et rejoignez l’aéroport.


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