Yacht Charter Exumas - Bahamas

itineraire 7 days in the Exumas

Day 1 Embarkation in Nassau

Arrive in Nassau at the beginning of the afternoon. A 25 minutes taxi ride from the airport will bring you to the marina. Diner on board and take time to relax and enjoy your first night in the Bahamas.

Day 2 Highborn cay

Leave the marina around 8:30 am for a 6h sail to Highborn cay for an anchorage in mid-afternoon. Take time to swim and walk on the beautiful desert beach in front of the anchorage.

Day 3 Wardewrick Well

In the morning, you can snorkel and spearfish with Hawaiian sling on a beautiful reef. Visit the island and its nice marina where you can observe sharks. After lunch, sail for 4h to Wardewrick Well, which is the headquarter of the Exumas protected park.

Day 4 Exumas natural park

A lot of activities to enjoy! Visit the interpretation center of the island. Snorkel on one of the super protected reefs of the park. Hike on one of the many trails of the island. Visit the ruins of a loyalist plantation. Swim and relax on one of the 30 desert white sand beaches of the island.

Day 5 Shroud Cay

A 3h sail will lead you to Shroud Cay, where you could explore the mangrove river in a dinghy and discover one of the most impressive beaches of the Caribbean.

Day 6 Normans Cay

A 1h sail will bring you to Normans Cay where you can snorkel on a sink airplane, visit the ruins of the resort of Carlos the drug dealer (learn more in the movie Blow), relax on one of the beautiful beaches of the island, spear fishing for lobster on the East side of the island Diner at the Mac Duff a nice restaurant with a unique ambiance on that almost desert island

Day 7 Back to Nassau

Leave around 9 am for a 6h sail to Nassau. Late afternoon you can visit Paradise Island, explore the aquariums, indulge in a shopping spree, visit the hotel Atlantis and diner at one of the finest restaurants of the resort.


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