Caribbean Antigua
Yacht Charter Antigua, Barbuda - Caribbean

itineraireAntigua 8 days from English Harbor by Great Bird Island

Day 1 : English Harbour (Antigua)

Arrive at VC Bird International Airport (ANU) and you will find your boat at English Harbor, a natural harbor, then visit the restored buildings of Nelson's Dockayr and sample the local delicacies in one of the amazing restaurants on site.

Day 2 : English Harbour - Falmouth Harbour

Moor at Falmouth Harbor, visit this shipyard and then go on to discover the origin of this "hurricane hole" on the island before sipping a cocktail under the sunset aboard your boat.

Day 3 : Falmouth Harbour - Jolly Harbour

Sail to Jolly Harbor, located on the leeward side of Antigua, and take a bike ride to explore the surrounding area. If not, choose a (guided) hike to Green Castle Hill, the island's prehistoric landmark, and admire the breathtaking views it has to offer.

Day 4 : Jolly Harbour - Great Bird Island

At Great Bird Island, island of North Sound National Park, snorkelling spots are rich and numerous. Go to the top to admire the panoramic view of the island and get ready to be surprised by the spectacular species you will come across, such as the colourful lizards or the endangered brown pelican.

Day 5 : Great Bird Island - Dickenson Bay (Antigua)

At Dickenson Bay, surf one of the best spots in Antigua or walk along the coast, characterized by sandy beaches. Take a kayak and explore the uninhabited islands a few hundred meters away to discover beautiful Diving & Snorkeling areas.

Day 6 : Dickenson Bay - Green Island

Join Green Island, an uninhabited island left in it's natural state lined with mangrove vegetation. Dive into the coral reef to discover the underwater life. Take the time to admire the tropical birds like the shore swallow.

Day 7 : Green Island (Stringray City) - English Harbour

Take a taxi to Stringray City for a unique sharing experience with stingrays, which is the attraction of this site. Let the birds sing to you, before you join English Harbor, disembark and return to the airport.