Yacht Charter Antigua, Barbuda - Caribbean

itineraire 14 days Antigua and Barbuda discovery from English Harbour

Day 1 : English Harbour (Antigua)

After landing at VC Bird International Airport (ANU), board your boat at English Harbor, then visit this charming natural harbor, the museum and the famous Nelson's Dockard, restored as a reminder of naval battles.

Day 2 : English Harbour - Freeman’s Bay (Antigua)

Sail to Freeman's Bay, and take a trail from the village for a (guided) hike through the rainforests.

Day 3 : Freeman’s Bay - Nonsuch Bay (Green Island)

A few miles from Antigua, join the charming uninhabited island of Green Island and anchor at Nonsuch Bay and get ready to be surprised by the many exotic birds of this uncrowded hideaway. Then Coast along the coast in a kayak on translucent waters.

Day 4 : Nonsuch Bay - Codrington (Barbuda)

Set sail for Codrington, the unique village of Barbuda, stroll through the narrow streets, embrace the warm hospitality of the locals and discover the lagoon's underwater world and then reach the highest point on the island, where you will find the Codrington family home, founders of the city.

Day 5 : Codrington - Low Bay (Barbuda)

Go to Low Bay and Kitesurf in this ideal spot on the sea side where the wind is 'Off' and the spot ultra flat or the closed side, where the wind is 'On' and the flat spot is choppy.

Day 6 : Low Bay - Cocoa Point (Barbuda)

Sail to the anchorage at Cocoa Point for a day at the Robinson Crusoe. Buy your fresh lobsters from local markets, browse the vast stretches of bush, walk with the flocks of wild goats, and back to your boat. If you are lucky you can see and play with the turtles which are numerous in this area.

Day 7 : Low Bay - Dickenson Bay (Antigua) - Jumby Bay (Long Island)

At Dickenson Bay then Jumby Bay, take a kayak along the beautiful coastline, then dive to discover the seabed in translucent waters, for a unique experience and rich discoveries of such a paradise location.

Day 8 : Jumby Bay → Great Bird Island

Moor for Great Bird Island, a very small island belonging to the Antigua Natural Park. Meet the many endemic species of birds and animals such as the Antiguan snake, explore the forest and dive into the long and stunning barrier reef.

Day 9 : Great Bird Island → Deep Bay ( Antigua)

Head to Deep Bay, explore the underwater world, search for the Andes wreck, and take a taxi to the capital of the island, Saint John. Walk the streets to discover the rich colonial past, visit the National Museum and then participate in the local market for a total immersion in anti-guan culture and a discovery of local specialties.

Day 10 : Deep Bay - Hermitage Bay

Head towards Hermitage Bay to see the Islands typical cottages. Enjoy tranquility along idyllic beaches, explore the surrounding area by observing the miles and some features of the bay and then reach the top of the hill to end the day under a beautiful sunset and a majestic panorama.

Day 11 : Hermitage Bay - Crab Hill Bay

Head to Crab Hill Bay, stroll along the beach, known as Turner's Beach, and admire the Montserrat Island on the horizon. In Antigua Rainforest, or in St John, enjoy a sensational experience exploring zip line forests.

Day 12 : Crab Hill Bay - Carlisle Bay

Return to Carlisle bay for a tour of the bay and surrounding area. Discover the many churches, take a paddle along the coast and taste local dishes such as "goat water".

Day 13 : Carlisle Bay - Falmouth Harbour

Sail to the famous shipyard and harbor of Falmouth Harbor, visit it, and discover the surrounding area, to understand the history of this hurricane hole.

Day 14 : Falmouth Harbour - English Harbour

Enjoy the first Sun rays of the day to reach the marina, then disembark and return to the airport.


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