Asia Langkawi

itineraireLangkawi-Butang-Langkawi 7 days

Kuah - P. Singah Besar/P. Dayang Bunting

After boat briefing and hand over sail to either P. Dayang Bunting or P. Singah Besar. Visit lake or wild life sanctuary .

P. Singah Besar - Butang Islands

Up anchor early morning and sail to Butang Islands. It is about 35nm from Singa Besar to Ko Lipi (southern most island of group).


The Butang islands has many a wonderful snorkeling spot & anchorage. Please see maps for recommended anchorages.

Ko Butang

You can anchor off the islands on the NE side of Ko Butang. The snorkeling here is first rate and the water crystal clear.

Ko Adang

Ko Adang has many a gorgeous spot to visit and explore. The Butang Group is a truly wonderful place to visit for those who love white sandy beaches, clear water, great snorkeling and low tourist development!

Butangs - P. Tepor

Up early and sail back to Langkawi Island to arrive at Pantai Cabang before night fall. Dinner & drinks can be taken ashore at various tourists bars on the beach.

P. Tepor - Kuah

After a leisurely breakfast & swim up anchor and sail back to base for hand over.

Windward Islands