Yacht Charter Indonesia

itineraire 15 days of diving in the Raja Ampat Archipelago

Day 1 : Sorong → Batanta Island

After arriving at Dominique Edward Osok Airport (SOQ) in Sorong, Reach your boat at the marina and drop anchor for the island of Batanta, characterized by its "cut knife" shape.

Days 2 and 3 : Batanta Island

Made up of miles and natural riches, these two days of discovery of the island will not be enough! Stroll along the numerous coves surrounded by mangroves, hike through the forests to meet endemic species, then reach the summits of the island, overlooking an imposing waterfall of 80m and swim in its large natural basin. A few nautical miles away, reach the Strait of Dampier and dive into one of its 30 diving spots, each as rich as the next. In Manta Sandy for example, discover one of the archipelago's must-see sights and share a wonderful experience with the impressive Mantas rays.

Day 4 : Batanta Island → Pulau Gam

While sailing towards Pulau Gam, remain attentive to possible appearances of the Wobbegong shark also known as the “shaggy beard” or "Carpet sharks", a rare species, but well known places, however harmless and stunning. After an anchorage at Pulau Gal, paddle in a kayak to discover the surrounding area, live as "Indiana Jones" to explore the jungle, then find a local restaurant and taste the fish specialties.

Day 5 : Pulau Gam → Kawe

Head to Kawe, a mountainous island, and explore the underwater world to observe the many sharks living nearby.

Days 6 and 7 : Kawe → Wayag

Spend the next two days discovering the islands of Wayg, an uninhabited archipelago, emblem of Raja Ambat and known for its sumptuous atolls. Alternate between exploration of the islands to discover paradisiacal beaches, breathtaking views, preserved trails, or with diving in beautiful spots like the one of Blank Rock, where you will explore soft corals accompanied by a colorful festival of fish .

Day 8 : Wayag → Penemu Island

While sailing south, make a dive stop at Melissa's Garden, discovering one of the most beautiful gardens in the archipelago. Explore along with your dinghy, take the stairs to the top of the island to reach a breathtaking panorama, then join the island of Penemu. If time allows you, once again experience underwater life in a natural pool

Day 9 : Penemu Island → Misool

Take advantage of this sailing day to look for sharks, dolphins and other species in the area, then reach the island of Misool, one of the largest in the archipelago. On shore, hike with locals to Lake Lenmakana and experience a unique swimming experience with thousands of golden jellyfish.

Days 10 and 11 : Misool → Wagmab

Spend two days discovering the Wagmab Islands, southeast of Misool. Immerse yourself in pristine coral gardens, encounter amazing fish, and kayak the rugged coastline on unparalleled waters.

Days 12 and 13: Wagmab → Wayilabatan Islands and Warakaret

On the Wayilabatan Islands and Warakaret, dive once again to discover new spots, fauna and flora always more surprising.

Day 14 : Wayilabatan et Warakaret → Daram

In Daram, one of Raja Ampat's must-see diving spots, explore the underwater world for a last encounter with the local "mola mola" fish or the manta rays for the lucky ones.

Day 15 : Daram → Sorong

After a last-breakfast sourrounded by Indonesian birds singing, join the Sorong Marina and return to the airport.


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