Yacht Charter Burma - Asia

itineraire 8 days from Kawthaung to the Mergui Archipelago by Nga Khin Nyo Gyee

Day 1 : Kawthaung → Dunkin Island

After arriving at Kawthaung Airport (KAW), board your boat and drop anchor at Say Tan Island. A Tiny island of white sand, the island offers an ideal base from which you can explore the surroundings and, perhaps, meet Troops of monkeys.

Day 2 : Dunkin Island → Myin Khwar Island → Nga Khin Nyo Gyee

Sail to Myin Khwar Island, nicknamed ' the Horse Shoe Island' because of its shape. Explore the largest bird cave in the archipelago, enjoy a breathtaking view at the top of the rocks, then head back to Nga Khin Nyo Gyee Island. Nicknamed Border Island, the island offers magnificent spots from which you can dive and admire a sumptuous sunset. Depending on the wind, anchor on Stewart Island.

Day 3 : Border Island → Kyun Pila Island → Lampi Island M Clara Island ou Wa-ale Island

In Kyun Pila, also called "Great Swinton", let yourself be seduced by its charming waterfall and golden sand beach, then drop anchor at Lampi Island. Part of the Mergui National Park, the island offers incredible kayaking and promises to surprise you with its surrounding beauty, rich and unspoiled.

Day 4: Lampi Island → Salet Galet Island → Ter Yak Bay (Lampi Island)

Go to Salet Galet Island, meet some of its Moken groups, observe the many birds of the island like the sea eagles, then join the bay of Ter Yak, Lampi Island. Go kayaking along its eastern coast, explore the ancient mangroves to discover such an important variety of endemic species.

Day 5 : Ter Yak Bay → Nga Mann

Sail to Nga Mann Island, enjoy the postcard like scenery, then stroll along the white sand beaches, dive into coral reefs and hike to discover the miles and riches of the surrounding area.

Day 6 : Pulo Beda → Nyaung Wee Island → Myauk Ni Island

At Nyaung Wee Island, nicknamed Pulo Beda, meet the "gypsies of the sea" (Moken fishermen), then canoe the river and observe the birds during the crossing. After, choose an anchorage at Russel Island, aka Red Monkey Island.

Day 7 : Myauk Ni Island → Kawthaung

Take the day to visit Red Monkey Island, whose nickname is at the origin of the many red monkeys that live there. Go out to meet them, wander through the forest with the birds singing all around you, then head for Kawthaung. Visit this cosmopolitan city, where many communities live, then taste the famous "balachaung".

Day 8 : Kawthaung

After a last breakfast on the Burmese waters, disembark and join the airport.



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