Yacht Charter San Blas - Panama

itineraire Discovery of the San Blas Archipelago

D1-Corazon de Jesus

You will take a flight from Panama City to the San Blas archipelago. This small plane flies over the entire archipelago and will offer you a breathtaking view of the islands and the reefs that border them. After you have settled on board your boat, you can take a ride on a kayuko (a large boat) by Kayuko (a large wooden boat typical of the Indians) or by kayak, along a river in the middle of the rainforest, giving you the chance to admire the fauna of the region up close.

D2-Eastern Cayos Holland

The Eastern Cayos Hollandes are to be circumvented by the south, in the direction against the clock to go behind the coral barrier which will protect you from the swell of the broad. These islands are known for their beautiful reefs, white sandbanks and shallow waters.

D3-San Blas Islands

These islands are inhabited by a dozen Indian fishermen and their families. The program at this anchorage includes underwater fishing, kayaking, snorkeling and other water games, as well as long walks along the beaches and making traditional necklaces.


You can sail to Naguargandup, crossing the Holland Channel. Another excellent spot for trolling, as well as a superb anchorage among the coral islands.

D5-Rio Sidra & Kuanidup

Village Island, the beautiful Rio Sidra and Kuanidup are islands with white sand and crystal clear waters that make them idyllic places. On Kuanidup, there are cabins worthy of 5-star hotels with the possibility of eating and tasting local specialties. Rio Sida is populated by 500 Indians who still live there in the traditional way.


Take the opportunity to head towards Chichime. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands of the archipelago. These islands still live according to traditions, and it will not be possible to buy anything else than coconuts, crabs and gigantic lobsters. It will then be possible to visit the surrounding villages. Finally, after thanking your crew, you will head to El Porvenir for the air transfer to Panama City.

D7-Return to Panama City

You can take this opportunity to visit Panama City, the Colonial City and World Historical Heritage “Casco Antiguo”, built in 1673 as a replacement for “Panamá La Vieja”.


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