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Yacht Charter San Blas - Panama

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Corazon de Jesus

Landing at Corazon de Jesus after a 30 minute flight from Panama City. The small airplane flies over the archipelago of San Blas allowing you to enjoy the magnificent island scenery with the surrounding reefs. An unforgettable flight! Settling down on board the boat, you will be welcomed with breakfast. During the morning, enjoy a trip by Kayuko (a large boat used by the Indians) and/or kayak, up the river to a Kuna cemetery in the middle of the tropical forest. Heading downstream on the rio you can admire the fauna (toucans, herons, monkeys, iguanas….) at close range. Depart for Green Island with its turquoise seas, the first paradise island where we’ll cast anchor. The afternoon will be spent diving and visiting the islands around the anchorage.

Eastern Cayos Hollandes

Navigation to the Eastern Cayos Hollandes which is one of the most beautiful and interesting moorings of the San Blas.

Eastern Cayos Hollandes

San Blas Islands

Visit of the islands inhabited by a dozen Indian fishermen and their families. Underwater fishing is possible at this anchorage full of fish, as well as kayaking around the coral islands, snorkeling, long walks on the beaches. You can buy ‘molas’ or watch the making of necklaces and discover the Indians.


Navigation to west Naguargand through the Hollandes Channel, excellent for trail fishing. Yet another fantastic mooring amongst the coral islands.

Rio Sidra & Kuanidup

You'll then leave for Rio Sidra, visiting an island-village where 500 Indians still live in the traditional way. Depart for Kuanidup, a small island on which the Indians have built their “cabañas”; it is possible to eat here (at your own expense) to taste the local food.


Navigation to Chichime, land of the lobster and crab hunters (the size of the crustaceans is amazing.) Visit of the Kuna villages and the white sand islets and then off to El Porvenir. Flight back to Panama City.