Angra Dos Reis, Brazil - Yacht Charter

itineraire Angra dos Reis and Ilha Grande 10 days


Praia do Dentista on Ilha da Gipoia is one of the hottest of Angra dos Reis, also known simply as Beach Dentist and the most sought by visitors. With a beautiful look, its sea seems a large natural pool, and no one can resist a dip. Floating Bars are working on high season and weekends.

Sitio Forte

The Cove Fort Ranch is located 12 nautical miles from the village of Abraham, its name is due to the large rocky breakwater existing in the region. And is one of the most visited by divers from around the world points. You can try the Seafood (mussel, shellfish, and coquilles) at Quiosque do Lele, on the right side of Ubatubinha beach. If you do you can ask for a Mooring of this restaurant for free. Ask Quiosque do Lele to fill up the water tank they have a "water buoy" and it is free.

Lagoa Azul

Anchoring near the “lagoon” formed by Ilha Grande, Ilha dos Macacos and two other small islands. Blue Lagoon is a sweet refuge, where everything seems to be invigorating, because one experiences slight feeling of being in full contact with the wonders of a blessed place: clear water, turquoise blue, with thousands of fish around you. Good for Snorkeling, feeding the beautiful, colored, small fish. In the Blue Lagoon there is a boat- restaurant “Petisco da Ilha” where you can enjoy seafood, tropical drinks and beverages or coconut water (only weekends and high season). There is also a small, fast boat makes deliveries boat by boat. A real luxury!

Abraão village

We suggest you to anchor on the Enseada da Crena (on the left side of the bay) and once there ask for a taxi boat to the village. Good options are walk to the Black Beach, Lazareto and Aqueduto ruins; souvenirs’ shops, restaurants and night programs.

Enseada de Palmas

Tapera Pousada das Palmas is a piece of paradise on the Big Island. A quiet and cozy place, situated in the cove of Palmas, overlooking the sea and surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes of the Atlantic Forest. Anchor at Praia do Pouso, walk to Lopes Mendes beach (About 20min walking). Lopes Mendes is on the other side of the island on the ocean side (where you are not allowed to go with the boat. Walk back o Pouso and try Caipirinha de Maracuja of the Hotel Paraiso do Sol beach bar. After that you will make 1h30 sailing to Saco do Céu, take a mooring of the Coqueiro Verde Restaurant, their specialty is “Moqueca completa” (Fish and sea food cooked with coconut milk), but the “Camarão com Catupiry” (Shrimps with a Brazilian cream cheese) is wonderful. There you can fill up the water tanks (they have water at the mooring bouy, just ask it is for free)

Ilha do Cedro

Near Tarituba (mainland). A wonderful isolated small island. The Cedar Island, located 12 miles from Paraty, has a beautiful anchorage, with two beaches and clear waters. The beach is located further north in a small cove great for overnight vessels. Try "Bar do Nelson", "moqueca de palmito" and the drink called Astronauta (passion fruit with lime and vodka).


Paraty offers travellers and backpackers alternatives for all interests. From adventure activities to carnival partying, from the worldwide famous literary festival to the wonderful natural attractions, the cane liquor fest ("Festival da Pinga") to exploring the Gold Road, Paraty is the place to be. Once in Paraty you must go to a marina. There are several marinas there, Porto Imperial is nearer to the City and with the best accommodation and services, but Marina do Engenho is the best cost – benefit condition with good bathrooms and good price. Between these two marinas you will find many other options. You will need to ask a taxi to go to Paraty downtown. We suggest you to visit Margarita Café.

Praia Grande da Cajaíba

Located in an ecological reserve in one of the most isolated parts of the coast of Paraty Pouso Beach ca Cajaiba. This beautiful beach pleases for its stunning visuals and tranquility. Surrounded by Atlantic Forest, with crystal clear waters and fluffy sands. On the left are rustic bars where leaves a trail of easy level to two beautiful waterfalls. Anchoring near the fisher boats moorings on your left side. Visit the river, waterfall and fishermen bars at the beach. Return to have night on Cotia island on Paratymirin cove.

Ilha Grande

Sail back to Ilha Grande, visit Praia Vermelha and Lagoa Verde. The fabulous island retreat of Ilha Grande owes its pristine condition to its unusual history. First it was a pirates’ lair, then a leper colony and, finally, a penitentiary thus beautiful tropical beaches and virgin Atlantic rainforest (now protected as state parkland) abound on Ilha Grande.

Ilha Itanhangá

Sail to Ilha Itanhangá and Paquetá (Floating Bar on weekends and High Season). At night it is famous for its chimes parties, is also explored for diving, climbing and canoeing up!


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