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Angra Dos Reis, Brazil - Yacht Charter

itineraireAngra dos Reis and Ilha Grand 7 days

Angra dos Reis

The biggest nautical pole of Brazil with thousands of beaches and 365 islands. This brilliant landscape is surrounded by Mata Atlantica which overlooks the calm, crystal-clear waters. Angra is in the center of Costa Verde in the state of Rio de Janeiro, one of the most beautiful regions of the country in which dozens of nautical clubs, condos and hotels are based near the sea. Paraty can be found several miles away. It is an ancient city full of protected colonial constructions. Paraty's bay also encloses dozens of islands, beaches and abundant vegetation. Depart to find yourself in Ilha Grande. Have a pick nick and in the afternoon discover the tropical forest. A one hour hike will take you to amazing waterfalls. That evening, moor in front of the village or in a more secluded area.

From Ilha Grande to Parati

Make sure you stop for a visit and lunch at either “Ilha de Gipoia” or “Ilha do Breu”, at 2 and 3 sailing hours respectively. One hour more of navigating and you will arrive at Parti, one of the most beautiful Brazilian cities and artistic centers.

From Parati to Praia Grande

Discover a magnificent beach, wild nature in an exuberant tropical forest. In the evening, moor at Ilha de Cotia.

From Ilha da Cotia to Ilha de Paquetá

For lunch, try “Chez Dominique” and taste their Brazilian specialties with a French touch, after organise yourself an afternoon horseback ride or make the most of all the water sports available. In the evening, we recommend staying in the marina to take advantage of the ambiance.

From Ilha de Paquetá to Araçatiba

In the bay, “Baia de Ribeira”, there are so many small islands that will not be able to visit all the amazing moorings. Vist “Ilha de Arroz” for lunch and “Araçatiba”, your typical charming fishing village and excellent mooring point, whose water sparkles in the evening.

From Araçatiba to Palmas

There are two ways, depending on weather conditions, either by taking the northern or southern coast. One way is from “Aventureiro” and “Parnaioca”, and the other is from “Lagoa Azul”, known for its turquoise waters. At “Palmas”, get a good night rest in order to make the most of the resplendent nature that awaits you the next morning

Ilha Grande to Angra do Reis

Hike through the tropical rainforest and discover virgin white sand beaches. After lunch, return to the base to spend your last night before disembarking the next day.