Yacht Charter San Pedro - Belize

itineraire Discover the coral reef of Belize

Ambergis Cayes

Usually begins with a hearty breakfast so you won't have to stop for lunch. Chart briefing at 9am while everyone makes all final preparations to set sail. We take you out to give you a brief lesson on reading our waters as this is the best aid you have to navigate our rich banks of coral. If you get away by noon you'll have time to snorkel right out front, before setting sail to Caye Caulker, two hours due south. Drop the hook and reward yourself with a cocktail over another beautiful Caribbean sunset. Enjoy your last chance at a choice of restaurants on laid back Caye Caulker.

St Georges Cayes, Drowned Cayes or Goff’s Cayes

Heading South, you'll pass Caye Chapel with it's 18 hole golf course, new condominiums, but little else to see or do. This island is privately owned and not yet open for business. You then pass through your first shallow channel, "Porto Stuck". The monohull "skid marks" tell you where not to go, and the rest is easy! You can now either stop early around St Georges Caye or catch it coming north, and head on past the Drowned Cayes south of Water Cay to snorkel or loaf on Goff's Caye's beautiful sandy beach.

Rendez Vous Cayes, South Water Caye

Leaving your anchorage at Water Caye, you'll motor south past the coral heads that are in-between you and the "South Pacific" island of Rendez vous Caye. This also lies on the reef and has all the beauty of Goff's Caye, only it is blessed with deeper waters all around and therefore more coral both for snorkeling and scuba diving. It too has a pretty beach and is surely the reason why you came to Belize..... an idyllic and deserted tropical island of breathtaking beauty. leave with good light to avoid the numerous coral heads that lie all around. South Water Caye, four hours south is your next stop, but if you wish there is a fine anchorage nearby at Bluefield Range or Colson Caye.

South Water Cayes or Tabacco Cayes

Snorkeling is superb all along the reef to South Water Caye and it is here that we recommend slowing down the pace. The diving here is so good that the Smithsonian Institute has a research centre on tiny Carrie Bow right nearby. More good beaches, diving, windsurfing, kayaking or manatee watching the the Twin Cayes. you'll find another chance for a dinner out with two choices here and one more up at Tobacco Caye. This area is about to become another National Marine Park, for very good reason.

Since it's very tricky sailing north along the reef, we recommend sailing up the inner channel which takes all the risk out and yet still allows you to stop at any islands you missed heading south. We recommend ducking back into the lee of the islands along the reef for your next night and perhaps buy some more fresh seafood from the friendly local fishermen you'll see quite often.

Drowned Cayes, Georges Cayes

Another "tough day in paradise" with equally tough decision... more fascinating snorkeling? Or should we find those elusive manatees amongst the Drowned Cayes?" Want dinner out again? Try St Georges Caye where you have another two big choices. This is cottage country for wealthy Belezeans from the big city so although there's lots of homes, few are ever there. This is where the Baymen fought off the marauding Spaniards for the last time. With no ore than a couple of cannons and a raft, the Baymen won freedom for British Honduras for ever .

Ambergis Cayes

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