Why charter with Windward Islands Yachting Company?

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You keep dreaming about laying down in the aft deck of a luxurious yacht, sunbathing, reading, sipping a fresh juice… in one of the most dazzling and pristine spots in the world. However, you’re still unsure about the choice of company to charter with. Given the number of yacht charter companies and the variety of offers, it’s quite normal to feel a bit dizzy especially for a first time charterer.

Check in this article why you should opt for a yacht charter with Windward Islands Yachting Company.

To start, Windward Islands is not a new, recently launched company. It was established in 1999 and benefits now from years of experience in the field. Debuting with a flagship agency based in the Martinique, Windward Islands now counts 15 offices worldwide.

Our offices are spread over 5 continents: we are currently operating in Europe in 7 offices (Paris, Cannes, Geneve, Londres, Barcelone, Rome, Karlsruhe), two offices in the USA (Fort Lauderdale and Washington DC), 4 offices in Asia (Hong Kong, Phuket, Singapore and Shenzhen), one office in Sydney, Australia and another one in Durban, South Africa.

“The most powerful force ever known on this planet is human cooperation – a force for construction and destruction.”

At Windward Islands, the know-how, expertise and professionalism of our agents and commercials is one of the features that sets us apart. Passionate about sea, sailing and travelling, they will draw on their solid experience to guarantee their distinguished clients a lifetime yacht charter experience.

Our teams and partners regularly check the fleets in our destinations worldwide to carefully select high-end quality yachts.

Currently the Windward Islands fleet numbers up to 3000 yachts ranging between sailing monohullscatamarans and motoryachts all selected with the utmost care and attention. To cater to the different needs, tastes and budgets of its clientele, Windward Islands operates all kinds of yacht charter: bareboatcrewed and luxury.

Windward Islands propose charters on board some of the top luxury yachts around the globe, built by reputed shipyards such as BenettiFerrettiFeadshipWally, Palmer Johnson…

All these superb boats are available for yacht charter in over 130 destinations worldwide, in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Asia or even the Pacific. Whether you are looking for marinas in the most spectacular settings or the most pristine islands, we’re ready to respond to our guests’ very dreams.

Thanks to these features, more than 32.000 clients have already chosen Windward Islands Yachting Company as their yacht charter agency. Plus, the company offers all the reassurances for all those who need more. When it comes to booking you have the choice to pay via secure transfer – we hold accounts with two leading international banks, HSBC in Hong Kong and Banque Transatlantique (CIC) in France, alternatively via credit card (Mastercard or Visa)

This was just a preview of what the company has to offer. If you still have inquiries, do not hesitate to contact the nearest agency.


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