Two Plus One Reasons to Visit Singapore


Singapore gets plenty of press but not for reasons we are going to talk about here. It is commonly thought of as the city of the superrich. In the mind of most middle class individuals, Singapore is a place reserved for the super wealthy and their accountants. If you have been thinking like this, here is our advice for you – forget what the media says ! Singapore is a fabulous place with many attractions. This post talks about two plus one often overlooked aspects of this city-state.

A- World class zoos
Singapore is a big city. Yet it has successfully managed pollution, unruly crowds, badmouthing taxi drivers and other traits usually associated with large cities. The city is unusually clean and green. There is plenty of forest area and some world class zoos. Spread over 69 acres, the Singapore Zoo is the most famous of them. Around 1.6 million visitors come to see the animals hidden behind carefully concealed barriers each year.

B- Varied cuisine
Singapore is multi ethnic in every sense of the word. It is the country of ethnic Chinese, Malay, and Indian people. Singapore’s reputation as a world class business center attracts tourists from across the world. Hosting them would not have been easy if the city could not cater to such varied palettes. Tourists in this country get to taste the most exotic foods.

C- Fabulous seas
Tucked at the edge of Malay Peninsula, Singapore is more than a contiguous mass of land. There are several pristine islands which can only be explored through the sea. A great way to relish the beauty of these islands is to get a luxury boat rental. A luxury yacht charter in Singapore is a great way to explore the islands of Singapore and the nearby archipelagos of Indonesia and Malaysia.


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