Top 5 iPad/iOS Sailing Apps | Sail and Think Different

Top 5 iPad/iOS Sailing Apps | Sail and Think Different

When on waters, a sailing app can help you locate yourself and even more, like win regattas! Here is our TOP 5 of remarkable iPad Sailing Apps.
With these sailing apps that provide you accurate Maps and other tools, an iPad can be an essential accessory or for recreational boating.

1) Marine Assistance | Smart Sailing

Marine Assistance is a free app intended for smartphone owners and will undoubtedly make many sailors happy. You will be able to check your heading, your speed, send your requests for localized assistance, directly reach the rescue services in distress  or emergency situations, and many other features !

Sail safe, sail smart!

2) Skipper| Smart Sailing

Skipper allows you measure your marine navigation:

  • Get real-time information about your vessel stability (tilt and roll)
  • Follow in real-time your boat’s progress on the water surface
  • Visualization of important data : average speed, covered distance and sailing time
  • Warned when breaking records (speed, distance, duration)
  • Access weather forecasts that include the speed and the direction from which the wind comes
  • Detailed sailing history helping you measure your performance.

3) Navionics | Smart Sailing

Easy to use, Navionics is probably the most user-friendly sailing app. It’s apparently a free app, but it allows you to directly buy maps. It features very interesting functions: overlay a satellite vision, tides and many points of interest ( Harbour office contact, services, shops, etc.)
Featured with basic sailing functions, Navionics must be completed with different chargeable modules.
Since the summer 2014 and following a partnership with Sonarphone, Navionics allows the sharing of screens between a nautical chart and the sea botton.

For sailing or fishing, it is definitely a must have!

4) Navily| Smart Sailing

Navily is the 1st free application for boaters looking for the best anchorage places. This wonderful app has already more than 3000 subscribers worldwide.
It it the perfect app for a perfect risk-free cruises. Seamless and easy use, Navily delivers on its promise which is security above all.
Thanks to this app you can identify the closest anchorage places and even discover beautiful coves.
You can share your anchorage places and write a clear comment about its safety :

  • Wind and wave conditions
  • The bottom type
  • Water depth
  • The facilities onshoreYou can even filter out data using the listed safety criteria like “find anchorages with shops nearby” etc.

The boating community is gonna love it!

5) Weathertrack  | Smart Sailing

Weathertrack is a complete marine weather application for both professionals and individuals customers.
Weathertrack boasts impressive features. It provides forecasts going up to 16 days, radar precipitation data, a “Grib Robot function” facilitate the downloading of satellite files coming from several servers. You even have the option to create a route on a vectorial terrestrial map.

Sail and Think Different.


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