Top 3 Best Boat Tracking Systems of 2021


Cargo shipping by sea is one of the most crucial aspects of trade in our modern world. This is because cargo transported through ships is usually cheaper than through other methods. Many companies depend on cargo shipping for trade. Sometimes, when major trade routes like the Suez Canal get blocked, it can cause a loss of millions to companies. This shows how vital cargo shipping by sea is.

Therefore, if companies could track these ships, they could make decisions according to their data. This is the basis of boat tracking systems that provide accurate and valuable data to their clients. A boat tracking system uses AIS, which is known as the Automatic Identification System. We won’t deep dive too much into the technical details, but with AIS, you can get the following data:

  • Location
  • Speed Over Ground (SOG)
  • Course Over Ground (COG)
  • Unique Vessel ID
  • and more

But with there being so many boat tracking systems out there, it can be challenging for someone to figure out which one to use for their company. There’s no need to fret; we have you sorted. Here are the top 3 best boat tracking systems in 2021.

1. Myshiptracking

Myshiptracking is an advanced website that provides live positions of vessels worldwide. You can even check this out on their official website, which shows you an example of live tracking of vessels the moment you open their website. It has an extensive database that allows you to monitor ports and vessels. You can use this data to analyze vessel traffic worldwide, making it an excellent asset for your website.

The great thing about Myshiptracking is that you can even download it for free on your iOS or Android phone, enabling you to access vessel information on the fly. If you’re someone who tends to commute regularly, then having the app on your phone can be a handy asset. You can even provide feedback to their developers as their website is designed entirely on the feedback of people who use it. Therefore, we recommend obtaining a Myshiptracking API for your company.

2. Marine Traffic

Marine Traffic is one of the most popular and widely used vessel tracking systems in the world. This is mainly because it has many advanced features that help it stand out from the rest. This includes access to an extensive database that has details for every kind of vessel or ship. In essence, it provides its users with live positions of any vessels it is tracking worldwide with maximum accuracy. Since most companies value accuracy, it is another factor for them to prefer this tracking system. It also offers a lot of services to ship owners such as:

  • Advanced Density Maps
  • Nautical Charts
  • AIS Coverage
  • Satellite Tracking
  • Distance Monitoring
  • and much more.

Marine Traffic is a community-driven project that is free of cost, making it exceptionally consumer-friendly. However, to access the more advanced features, you will need to pay a fee. The app is also paid and has a high amount of downloads which shows its popularity.

3. FleetMon

FleetMon is an open database of vessels and ports worldwide that has existed since 2007. It provides live AIS vessel position data with technical information for hundreds of thousands of vessels. This includes data like arrivals, schedules, photos, and trading patterns according to searches done by customers.

One particular thing that stands out with this tracking system is the interactive FM Explorer or FleetMon Explorer. This handy tool allows you to see a real-time view of vessel traffic and receive information like traffic analysis, logistic scheduling, and operations monitoring. This range of features is the reason why high-profile like Tesla and Microsoft are some of their customers. It even has apps on iOS.

To sum up

Vessel tracking can be a handy tool for most companies as it can allow them to make sound business decisions. The vessel tracking systems we have discussed in this article provide a range of features and data that help them stand out from the rest.

We hope this article has helped you find a helpful tracking system for your company so you can get the most benefit out of your investment. We wish you luck in all future endeavors!

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