Tips To Keep Your Boat On Track


As planes, cars, computers, or even phones, every boat has and needs to be kept in good shape. This is what we call maintenance. At first it may seem to be a Herculean task, claptrap! When you take a look at it, it is really not difficult, it can actually be a lot of fun! All it takes to be done is patience and love.

Basics In Boat Maintenance

  • Boat Cleansing

The first task to be done is to wash your boat. It’s quite obvious, and honestly, pretty simple.
Boating on seas necessarily implies salt. And overtime salt can significantly damage your boat. To get rid of it then, you have to rinse your boat intensely and with fresh water.
After everything she does, don’t you think she deserves a little bit of your love and attention?

  • Boat Oil-change

A frequent oil-change is absolutely mandatory. Depending on the boat you own, the required frequency won’t be the same.
The “Golden Rule” is to replace your oil after, approximately 103 hours of operation, or twice a year.
You can change the oil yourself ( Yes you can! Quick and easy I promise!). Otherwise, you can find a local dealer, but where’s the fun ? Anyways, a boat is like a car, only much more precious.
Make¬†sure to use marine grade oil, so you don’t damage your boat.



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