The Top 5 Beaches to Visit by a Luxury Yacht in Croatia

Top 5 Beaches to Visit by a Luxury Yacht in Croatia

Croatia is a country that is dominated by its coastline. There are so many different coastal towns and islands that finding the best beach can be difficult. Jagodna in Hvar has been ranked as one of the best in the world for its sand and scenery. However, the best beaches can lose their appeal when overcrowded. Travellers can find that they discover even better treasures – with fewer people on them – when exploring via a luxury yacht charter.

Here are the top 5 beaches to visit by a luxury yacht in Croatia :

Zlatni Rat – Brac Island :

zlatni rat-Brac Island

There are some pros and cons to travelling to Zlatni Rat Beach on Brac Island. On the plus side, this is a large beach that is easily accessible. It is a great starting point for anyone looking to begin their journey in Split because of the close proximity. You can sail over, moor up near the shore and have a quiet afternoon on the island. If you are keen to explore, you can see what this island has to offer and get a different view of Split. However, the short distance does mean that this beach is quite popular. You aren’t going to be the only ones there.

Stiniva Beach – Vis :

Aerial view of a beautiful beach Stiniva on the island Vis, Croatia

This area is on the opposite end of the scale to Zlatni Rat for a couple of reasons. First of all, you have to head out quite a few miles to reach Vis. It was a restricted area for a long time due to occupation from the Yugoslav army and has since been rewilded and turned into a paradise. Therefore, this isn’t the same sort of bustling tourist spot. Stiniva Beach seems practically inaccessible without a boat, so should be ideal for those sailing in on a private yacht charter. While in the area, check out Green Cave for some wild swimming.

St John’s Beach – Cres :

zlatni rat-Brac Island

St John’s Beach is a great stopping point mid-way on a luxury yacht charter tour of Croatia for a couple of reasons. First of all, the beach itself is highly attractive and a great place to stop and relax for the afternoon. The other is that it is close to the town of Lubenice. This gives you an opportunity to explore a little of Croatia by land before heading off to your next destination. It is a great opportunity to see more of the landscape, the culture and the people of the country. There are also sure to be shops and cafes to enjoy too.

Pakleni Islands – Hvar :

Pakleni Islands – Hvar

Instead of settling for the world-famous, overcrowded option in Hvar, why not use your vessel to your advantage and sail between the different beaches and islands of the Pakleni Islands. This series of islands looks like it belongs far away from the civilised nation of Croatia. There are unspoilt sands and natural habitats – as well as opportunities for swimming and diving. Palmizana is popular with nature lovers. But, be aware that Stipanska and Jerolim are also popular with nudists.

Nin – Dalmatia :


This last option is one that will be a welcome choice for those that want to come to Croatia to unwind. Part of the joy of a luxury yacht experience is that you can enjoy the sights from a relaxed location. It is even better if you can sail the boat to a natural spa. The beach at Nin is close to a natural mud spa that is said to be healing and highly enjoyable. You can wash the mud off in the clear waters. The beach is also appealing for the dramatic scenery of the mountains and dunes behind. It is a bit of a trek but worth the effort.

Choose an itinerary that works for you.

There are so many islands, coves and beaches in Croatia that the choice is overwhelming. That is why it is important to plan ahead and think about what you really want from this trip. Do you want the relaxation of the natural spas, the tourist-friendly beaches, the forgotten shores or a mixture of them all? With the right planning, the best boat and a strong crew, you can see Croatia at its very best.

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