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Most countries have reopened their borders to international tourism. The Department of Health has issued COVID-19 Traveler Information and advises all citizens to read the country-specific Travel Advisories and consult their embassy for updates on the impact of COVID-19 worldwide. An open country means you can arrive, however we recommend checking the status of travellers on return to your home or country of residency as quarantine may happen depending where you will be traveling.

The following article will give you a global overview of the travel requirements by country.


Open to European travellers, with a 72h negative PCR test and any passenger wishing to travel by air must complete a personal and non-transferable form.

The most common restrictions include: A nighttime curfew, public or private gatherings limited to six people, limited movement to and from many locations and limited capacity in religious facilities.

Every Traveler must complete and FCS Health Control Form

U.S. citizens cannot enter.


Travelers from Europe, Australia, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea or the United Kingdom space must give a sworn declaration and a negative PCR test result.

Arrivals from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, India and South Africa must give an exempted international travel certificate for travel to France and a sworn declaration ; negative PCR test result and quarantine for 10 days upon arrival.

For the others arrival in France : An exempted international travel certificate for travel to France, If you are an international road haulier, this certificate will be replaced by the European certificate, a sworn declaration and a 72h negative PCR test result.


From May 15th, all travellers over two years of age are obliged to present a negative PCR or antigenic test less than 48 hours before travel, report their presence to the regional health authority on arrival, and isolate themselves for 5 days while indicating the quarantine address before doing an exit test at the end of this period.

All travellers must complete their PLF until the day before entering the country.

  • A curfew is maintained at 10pm until 5am 
  • There is an obligation to wear a mask at all times
  • No indoor or outdoor festivities, except those related to civil or religious ceremonies.

U.S. citizens are not permitted to enter.


Every traveler should have a 72h negative PCR test from a diagnostic laboratory.

Travelers must complete a Passenger Locator Form before the day entering Greece.

For travelers who have previously contracted and recovered from the virus should hold a certificate of recovery.

If the traveler has completed his/her vaccination and is in a position to confirm it by presenting the relevant vaccination certificate, then proof of a negative test is not required.

All travellers must complete their PLF until the day before entering the country.

U.S travellers are permitted to enter. You can check the latest protocols here :


Each traveller must present one of these documents :

  • A negative PCR test carried out less than 48 hours prior to access to the point of entry into the territory or a negative rapid antigenic test
  • Certificate of vaccination showing that at least 14 days have elapsed since the second injection or, in the case of a single injection vaccine, that 14 days have elapsed since the injection.
  • A medical certificate confirming the cure of covid-19 or a positive test (PCR or rapid antigenic test) performed between 180 and 11 days before entering the territory.

In the absence of these documents, travelers are required to isolate themselves for 10 days upon arrival in Croatia, which can be shortened by obtaining a negative result to a PCR or rapid antigenic test performed in Croatia.

U.S travellers are permitted to enter.


Travellers should have a negative PCR test performed 72 hours before arrival in Turkey.

All passengers will have to fill in a new online form less than 72 hours before entering : 

The government announced a total curfew in all 81 provinces of Turkey, at 7pm to 5am until Monday 17 May 2021 on weekdays and weekends. 

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