Situated in the Caribbean Sea, the British Virgin Islands (BVI) are regarded as one of the most astonishing and eye-catching islands of the Virgin Islands archipelago. They are made up of more than 50 charming and fascinating islands. Most of these islands, especially the very small ones, are uninhabited. Therefore, if you are looking for a unique sailing adventure, this is your opportunity to have a flawless yachting vacation!

The calm turquoise blue waters and the vast stretches of white sand give the islands another dimension and the viewer a great sensation of ecstasy that makes them merge within the beautiful nature of this lost paradise.

Thanks to its tropical and volcanic nature, the BVI hold a lot of uncommon geological phenomena such as the huge granite boulders at The Baths, in Virgin Gorda. Every year, this rare natural phenomenon attracts thousands of tourists who look for adventure and excitement.

Furthermore, the tropical moderate climate of the islands offers good sailing conditions to the sailors throughout the year. However, the best sailing season starts from October and ends in June.

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Photo Credit : Lindsay Vann photography


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