7 Luxury Things to do in Malta

Fabulous luxury things to do in Malta

Mediterranean resorts islands are often on the list of the ultimate destinations for luxury vacations. Travelers flock to the coast of France and Italy and the islands off-shore. One country that might not come to mind straight away is Malta.

This destination – and its sister island of Gozo – shouldn’t be overlooked when finding the perfect luxury holiday destination in this region. There is an excellent atmosphere in the cities, lots to experience, and plenty of ways to see it all in style. Here are seven luxury things to do in Malta:

Take a tour of one of Malta’s palaces

Malta’s elite didn’t hold back when it came to designing grand palaces on the island. There are two with the name Palazzo Parisio – one in Naxxar and one in Valletta – and both are worth a visit.

Malta place luxury

These stunning buildings and grounds give a sense of what life with like for the aristocracy in those days. Another option is the Verdala Palace, which is the President’s summer residence.

Enjoy the most exquisite food

There are different ways to enjoy the cuisine of Malta. You could head to a village and go for a more rustic, authentic experience to eat a local. You can also book a table at one of the best restaurants on the island and enjoy the work of a top chef.

Under grain luxury restaurant Malta

There are some brilliant Maltese restaurants for a luxury approach to a romantic dinner. The best offer top Mediterranean dishes with a twist. There are also tea rooms for a high-class lunch in some of the older, grander buildings from Malta’s past.

We recommande the Michelin starred restaurant Under Grain for its Yoghurt bavarois with juniper berry meringue and olive oil cake.

Island hop with a luxury yacht charter

A trip to Malta isn’t complete without visiting Gozo and the different islets and coves in the area. Most travelers will get to Gozo on the car ferry, but there is another option.

 luxury Malta sea

luxury yacht charter in Malta means that you can jump between islands and moor up at some of Malta’s most beautiful beaches – all without worrying about timetables and queues. It is one of the easiest ways to get to must-see locations like Blue Lagoon and St Paul Islands. These boat charters also mean plenty of time to relax and take in the scenery while your crew does all the hard work.

Stay at a 5-star hotel or resort.

There are lots of different places to stay in Malta for different budgets. Those that want a more luxurious experience can find some fantastic 5-star hotels in the capital or a high-resort closer to the shore.

 luxury hotel Malta

If you want to go all out, stay in a suite in a palace in Mdina. It is worthwhile to take the time to research some of the different options. You may be surprised at what you find.

Relax at one of Malta’s finest spas.

After a day of exploring and sightseeing around the island, it is helpful to take some time to unwind the following day. Many visitors will do so by heading to the beach to soak up the sun. 

A great alternative is to go to a spa and get away from the crowds for a while.

luxury spa malta

There are some brilliant establishments on the island that can offer massages, wraps, and a host of other treatments. Some will be attached to your hotel, and others are independent establishments with great reputations.

Take a jeep tour in Malta

Guided tours are the perfect way to get a luxury experience in Malta, traveling around these islands. You don’t have to worry about hiring vehicles, driving on foreign roads, or missing out on the sights.

luxury malta popay village boats architecture

Jeep tours are perfect for heading out to inland sites such as the Simar Valley and Salt Pans. Sit back and let experienced guides plan the ideal route.

Take a helicopter ride

It is a great idea to head to the air if you want to see Malta from all angles. This bird’s eye view of the islands lets you see the grandeur of the landscape and the relationship between the two islands.

luxury malta coast sea mediterranean

You can see Malta in all its glory while experienced pilots guide you around.

It is a brilliant way to spend an afternoon away from the crowds and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Explore Malta with Pangea, a beautiful and original Arcadia 85

Explore Malta with Pangea, a beautiful and original Arcadia 85


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