New Year is the best time to cruise to Singapore

The Chinese community of Singapore celebrates the traditional Chinese New Year between December and February each year. This is that time of the year when China Town in Singapore is bustling with people preparing for the big day. Little wonder that tourists love to come to the city during this period to relish the festive mood, witness colorful decorations and whole alleys bathing in light.

Celebrations to mark the traditional year do not provide the only reason to visit the city. Singapore is a coastal city blessed with a year-around warm climate. That makes the case for a winter visit to Singapore more persuasive. This post talks about a third reason that will make a visit to Singapore irresistible this winter.

Singapore does not have thousands of miles of coastline, but its location is ideal for anyone looking for a luxury boat rental to explore more than five dozen islands that comprise the country. The southern islands of St. John, Lazarus, Pulau Hantu, and Kusu are a stone’s throw away from the main Singaporean island – Pulau Ujong.

The islands in the south offer a stark contrast to the highly urbanized life of the main island. They are an idyllic paradise where you can still find some lush secluded bays. Less than two hours cruise from Pulau Ujong, they provide a relaxing escape from the hustle of the main island. For anyone with a luxury yacht charter in Singapore, the islands provide an easy access to several islands in Malaysia and Indonesia.

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