New Lagoon 51 Catamaran: The Perfect Combination of Modernity and Sustainability


After the announcement of the Lagoon 55 at the Cannes Yachting Festival, the French shipyard Lagoon will be in the news in 2022 with its brand new model, the Lagoon 51. This new unit will replace their Best Seller presented in 2017, the famous Lagoon 50.

Before discovering this brand new Lagoon 51 at the International Multihull Boat Show, WI Yachts offers you to know a little more about this brand new unit.

Lagoon 51, a catamaran XL flybridge

The flybridge of this unit occupies almost the entire roof with a large C-shaped seating area and two large sunbeds. Its table can even be lowered to form an XL lounge area.

It offers a real space of conviviality appreciated at anchor but also while sailing thanks to a relatively high height under the brim which makes it safe.

The elongated skirts of the lagoon 51

Thanks to her long skirts, you will be able to get on board with great ease.

Together with the Tenderlift, they form a real balcony on the sea.

At anchor, this platform invites you to relax and have fun with your feet in the water.

To get on board, only two small steps separate the cockpit and the skirts. A real need, this is the most successful solution on the market.

A breathtaking view of the ocean

The front cockpit is welcoming.

This space offers a 360° view of the ocean. It features practical amenities such as cup holders, a coffee table, as well as sun protection with a shade sail.

It will meet every need, such as sharing an aperitif at sunset or lying down comfortably in the middle of the day.

The Lagoon 51 catamaran and its new generation interiors

A continuous view crosses the living room thanks to the sponge on the front of the square.

A number of 360° vertical windows and a wood finish “Alpi Chêne sable” reinforce the feeling of great space and volume.

The sustainable commitments of the catamaran lagoon 51

The brand has adapted and reinvented itself by adapting to the new demands of the new generation of owners.

This new Lagoon 51 offers an option with XXL solar panels on the roof. They provide enough energy to run the service on board, making it completely autonomous (except for the air conditioning).

In order to minimize its impact on the environment, they have also opted for sustainable solutions such as

  • 100% biodegradable and ecological cleaning products delivered directly with the boat
  • Furnishing fabrics made of recycled material
  • Hemp fiber replaces fiberglass when possible, in addition to a biosourced resin
  • Alpi’s wood is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.

Catamaran Lagoon 51, the first with ultra modern technology

The Lagoon 51 is the very first catamaran of the brand equipped with SEANAPPS technology.

This application and its smart box simplify the management and maintenance of your boat. Indeed, it helps to control the level of batteries and fuel, to plan maintenance operations. In short, it allows you to secure and optimize the maintenance of your boat with ease.

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WI Yachts’ opinion on the new Lagoon 51 catamaran

WI Yachts is waiting impatiently to know more about the technical characteristics of this new catamaran but with all the information provided by the shipyard, the Lagoon 51 promises to be a modern, welcoming and very functional yacht.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any request concerning the sale, purchase and yacht management or a charter request.