It’s now been 73 years of passion and excitement for The Monaco Grand Prix. Indeed The Monaco Grand Prix is the most iconic sporting venue. It is a worldwide event that gathers people from all over the world: Germans, French, Russians, Italians, British, Americans etc.
But the very cosmopolitan Principality of Monaco is above all THE PLACE TO BE. Why is that?
Simply because Monaco managed to master the perfect blend, involving boats and yachts, glitter and glamour, and of course celebrities and their love of luxury; therefore Monaco aka Monte Carlo is the place to see and be seen.
Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin are beautifully and proudly exposed there. Anything money buys, Monaco delivers very well. A N Y T H I N G.

Wine and dine with the richest people in the city where there are more millionaires per square meter than anywhere else in the world, and be sure that in Monaco when it comes to yachts, size really matters, and of course, the bigger it is the more respectable you are.

If you want to know the difference between the country you live in and Monaco, just take a look at your local newspapers and Monaco’s. Yours will be certainly be dealing with crimes, attacks and rain, whether Monaco’s will have on its headlines a “Top 5 Of The Most Beautiful Yachts”, pictures of glamourous luxury yachts, and sun !

You may now wonder if Monaco is a city where no crime happens. You should know that security is absolutely paramount there, and hundreds of security cameras are closely watching the whereabouts of those who walk its earth. Every single vehicle entering Monaco is scanned by computers and thus ensuring the haven of peace that it is.

It all makes sense when you know that the last 50 years has been the most glamourous, the most star-styled and the richest place on earth.

Monaco can be minuscule, but thanks to the Grand Prix Race, superstars who flock there transformed it into a land where money is king and beauty the queen.


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