LEEN 72′ : The Future of Hybrid Trimarans is Here


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The trimaran LEEN 72′ is the latest hybrid multihull from the innovative French shipyard NEEL. With its hybrid engine, its unique design and its ergonomics, it is part of this new futuristic yachting trend which aims to make sailing more ecological and sustainable.

In 10 years, NEEL has designed trimarans that stand out for their quality of design and unique know-how. Their trimarans combine elegance, design and performance. The shipyard’s teams are at the forefront of research into performance and eco-responsibility. The LEEN 72′ combines all these precepts.

The usual habitability of NEEL Trimaran on a motor boat

The NEEL shipyard has built its reputation on the design of trimarans by a team of passionate experts. Their yachts are spacious and comfortable thanks to their unusual platform on a trimaran and their three convertible hulls.

Thanks to these characteristics, they combine the living space of a catamaran with the sailing qualities of a trimaran.
The LEEN range is atypical, it offers motor trimarans with great habitability and a futuristic propulsion.

Leen 72′: a unique hybrid motor trimaran for ecological cruising

Since its beginnings, the NEEL shipyard teams have been striving to develop a more eco-responsible type of boating. They are innovating to integrate renewable energy on their boats. The NEEL 51 NOOS, launched in 2018, marked an important turning point for the yachting industry with its hybrid engine.

Solar panels are installed on board. Special attention is also paid to limiting the risk of programmed obsolescence of materials and equipment installed on each yacht. The equipment is tested and selected according to its durability and reliability.

The LEEN 72′ is designed to avoid friction with water and air in order to consume as little diesel as possible. Its platform offers a wide range of layout possibilities without having to modify its very tapered hulls. Thanks to its ergonomics, the boat has a very high efficiency in terms of fuel consumption while maintaining good performance.

This trimaran consumes only 2 liters per mile at a speed of 12 knots. This is 4 to 8 times less than boats currently on the market.
This reduced consumption allows a more eco-responsible navigation, but also to make longer distances without having to refuel and thus to be adapted to transatlantic crossings.

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General characteristics of the LEEN 72′.

Overall length21,80 m
Overall beam8,85 m
Draught1,20 m
Displacement unloaded28 T (approx.)
Full load displacement38 T (approx.)
Fuel Tank5000 L
Water Tank1000 L
Engine PowerFrom 250 HP
ArchitectsNivelt et Frutschi


The layout is conceived and designed by the architect Pierre Frutshi. It offers 4 double cabins with their bathroom. The owner’s cabin is in the front central hull of the trimaran. It offers a private bedroom, a private bathroom, and a private desk. In the rear part of the same hull is a guest cabin with its private bathroom. The two other double cabins are in the floats.

The bridge of LEEN 72′ offers comfort, protection, and safety at the same time. Its surface area impresses. It grants the layout of vast and luminous living spaces. The saloon and galley are located on the main deck, at the same level as the cockpit.

From the saloon, you will access the very comfortable saloon-boathouse by taking a few steps. This cozy space, entirely glazed, offers a 290° panorama. With its U-shaped sofa, flat-screen television, desk, and navigation station, it combines comfort and technology. 

The navigation station can accommodate up to two people. The bridge door gives access to the deck to facilitate docking, mooring, and departure, while an interior staircase leads to the flybridge.

The flybridge is then accessible from the saloon and cockpit. Outdoor circulation is systematically protected thanks to covered passageways. The owner can choose the layout of the exterior spaces according to his taste.

It is also possible to add cabins with an en-suite shower room and a single bed to the yacht’s layout to accommodate up to 10 passengers in 6 cabins.

Motor and speed

The trimaran LEEN 72′ is equipped with a “heavy-duty” hybrid engine, consisting of a central combustion engine and 2 side electric pods, located under the floats. 

The diesel engine serves as the main propulsion system, which the electric pods complement during port maneuvers, such as bow thrusters. They also can be used alone for silent electric motorization preferred to leave an anchorage or coupled to the generator set for backup motorization.

If the cruising speed of 12 knots allows you to cover 300 miles per day with a consumption of less than 2L/nm, you can easily obtain a top speed of 15 to 18 knots.

Fuel tank

With its 5000 liters of diesel available in a single tank, the Leen 72′ allows for a smooth transatlantic crossing with a single tank of fuel.

Is the ‘LEEN 72′ right for you?

The LEEN 72′ trimaran is very convincing and attractive by combining the large living spaces of catamarans, thanks to its platform, and the performance and safety level of trimarans. It is particularly suitable for trimaran enthusiasts, for those who want to do long cruises or coastal sailing, but also for those who want to do ocean crossings such as transatlantics. Her base price is 2.5 M€. Windward Islands and The Sailing Resort also offer custom ownership with its innovative OWNER CLUB program.

Interested in the LEEN 72′?

This trimaran combines brilliantly and intelligently, a unique line and a strong character. Windward Islands offers you its expertise in sales and management of new and used boats and proposes you an OWNER CLUB management program with guaranteed income. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


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