The most much-loved Lagoon Seventy 8 yacht now has a new baby sister. There is a new little motor yacht in the fleet that takes after its big sibling with some interesting new features of its own. The Lagoon Sixty 7 might be a little smaller, at just 20.15 metres long, but she refuses to be overshadowed by her older sister. There is a sense of style that is unlike others in the range. This September, yacht enthusiasts got to see this for themselves in Cannes.

The Lagoon Sixty 7 is a new yacht designed with elegance in mind.

This vessel is a striking looking yacht with the Bordeaux red hull, the cream coloured upholstery and the walnut interior. It is something that will stand out against all the white stereotypical shapes in a harbour this year. There is something extraordinary about the shape that is more streamlined and elegant than ever before. The minimalist lines mean that owners can enjoy stunning views from the interior and the deck. The style and minimalist lines continue with the symmetry of the stepped area at the back of the boat. The low profile hulls curve neatly onto an elegant deck with a lot to offer.

The interior is surprisingly spacious and full of features for something so small and minimal. The idea here is that owners can have all the privacy they need in the partitioned bedrooms and bathroom areas. Yet, there is also plenty of space for entertaining guests with the living area and kitchen area. The interiors have a homely feel with plenty of storage, but also offer great panoramic views over the water.

This striking Lagoon Sixty 7 launched at the Cannes Yachting Festival this September.

There was no better place for Lagoon to launch this new design than at Europe’s biggest sailing festival. Visitors got the chance to climb aboard and inspect the boat from the smallest details of the interiors to the controls. Every single element was showcased to the very best it could be. Visitors could take a tour around every level of the boat from the different sleeping areas and bathrooms to the entertainment spaces. Not a single feature was left to chance with comfortable cushions and set dressing across every level to showcase the potential of the space.

As you would expect, the crowds were wowed by the design and the possibilities on board this exciting new vessel. Of course, this wasn’t the only vessel to be seen at Cannes. Between the 10th and 15th of September, Lagoon highlighted a series of boats to the public. This included the mini-maxi catamaran, the Lagoon 40, and the Seventy 8 that inspired this new model. It was a great chance for possible buyers to compare the options and see which was best for their sailing needs.

The Lagoon Sixty 7 is proof that good things come in small packages.

There is no doubt that this model will prove to be very popular with sailors and boating enthusiasts. The unveiling of the vessel at Cannes was the perfect launch for this fashionable vessel. There is no doubt that it will continue to draw attention as the year progresses.


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